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Traveling Trunks: Bringing Kennesaw Mountain to the Classroom

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Our traveling trunks are packed with items that facilitate a connection between students and the experiences of soldiers and civilians during the Civil War. We continue to update our trunks to provide new and engaging items, but some examples of what you'll find in our trunks include 19th-century period clothing for men and women, canteens, kepis, haversacks, and many other items recognizable to the people of that era.

Borrowing Instructions

Please check the online calendar (a link can be found under the Field Trips section of this website) to make sure the trunk you want is available. You may e-mail your request to e-mail us or call us at (770) 427-4686 and ask for the Traveling Trunk Coordinator.


Traveling Trunk

Last updated: April 14, 2015