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A peek into the Battlefield museum.
A peek into the Battlefield museum.

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A visit to the museum is a must for students and visitors. The museum is designed with those who know a lot about the Civil War in mind and those who know very little. Upon completing the tour, students will be able to: 
- Name the presidents of both countries;
- Identify the commanding generals of the Union and Confederate armies at the Battle
of Kennesaw Mountain;
- Name the victor of the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain;
- Explain the events that took place after the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain leading up 
   to the Battle of Atlanta;
- Identify key events of the American Civil War that changed the way war would be 
  fought in the future.

Grade Level

Program Duration


Group Size

Guided or Self-Guided?


4th grade and up


The amount of time depends upon the group and if teachers/chaperones choose to discuss the artifacts as they move through the museum


maximum - 25 students


Self- Guided

What You Need to Know About This Program:

  • This program is free;
  • You must complete and submit the registration sheet at least two weeks prior to your intended visitation date;
  • To see what dates are available, please visit our online calendar

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Civil War, History, Leadership, Medicine, Military and Wartime History, Museum Studies, Reading, Slavery, Social Studies, U.S. Presidents
National/State Standards:
Georgia Performance Standards: SS5H1(c)(e) - 5th grade SS8H6(b) - 8th grade SSUSH9(d) - 9th grade Common Core: ELACC5RI10 - 5th grade ELACC7RI1 - 7th grade L6-8RH3, L6-8RH4, LITCC6-8RHSS10 - 6th - 8th grade
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