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The Cherokee People (Elementary)

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Grade Level:
Kindergarten-Fifth Grade
American Indian History and Culture
National/State Standards:
SS2H2, SS4H1
Native American history


In this lesson, elementary students will gain an understanding of cultural elements of the Cherokee people through the use of traditional stories, a primary document, and an activity that increases comprehension of the trade and barter system commonly used by early settlers.


To help students analyze traditional stories of the Cherokee People and describe aspects of Cherokee life, including Sequoyah/Cherokee Syllabary and common Cherokee settlements/farms.


Reading: General Cultural Information 

Reading: The Legend of the Cherokee Rose 

Reading: The Legend of the Corn Bread 

Reading: Sequoyah and the Cherokee Syllabary 

Activity: Cherokee Syllabary 

Activity: Trade and Barter

Additional Resources

The Cherokee Indians by Bill Lund (1997; Capstone Press)

Last updated: October 24, 2018