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Life of a Civil War Soldier (Guided Program)

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Being a soldier wasn't easy. 

No matter if the soldier was Union or Confederate, life was challenging. Filth, hunger, and homesickness plagued men on both sides. With the help of a historically dressed interpreter, students will learn about the daily lives of Civil War soldiers. They will get to explore contents of haversacks and packs and learn what was similar and different about Northern and Southern soldiers. If the weather is cooperative, students will even get to become soldiers themselves!

Grade Level

Program Duration

Group Size

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4th - 5th 



45 minutes
(includes 15 minute activity)


minimum - 10 students

maximum - 25 students



What you Need to Know About This Program: 

  • There is no fee;
  • You must complete and submit the registration sheet at least two weeks prior to your intended visitation date;
  • To see what dates are available, please visit our online calendar;
  • If your school group exceeds the 45 student limit, special arrangements are required;
  • The viewing of our 35-minute film is included in your field trip.

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