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Cheatham Hill Battlefield Scavenger Hunt (Self-Guided Program)

Illinois Monument at Cheatham Hill
Illinois Monument at Cheatham Hill

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This program allows students to explore the main battlefield of the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain. Using the interpretive wayside signs located throughout the area, students have twenty minutes to search and find answers with the clues provided. The hunt encourages teamwork and makes learning about the Civil War, a daunting subject, interactive and fun.

 Grade Level

Program Duration

Group Size

 Guided or Self-Guided?


20 minutes (hunt)

20 minutes
(teacher review)

minimum - 10 students

maximum - 50 students



What You Need to Know About This Program:

  • This program is free;
  • You must complete and submit the registration sheet at least two weeks prior to your intended visitation date. Your date is NOT reserved until you receive a confirmation e-mail;
  • To see what dates are available, please visit our online calendar;
  • You must print out sheets 12, and of the scavenger hunt and bring it with you; please be sure to have enough sheets for your students to accommodate groups of five. Be Sure To Bring ALL THREE versions of the hunt. This helps avoid students bunching up in the same area as they complete the hunt.
  • The teacher answer key is provided during visit so educators may review students' answers.
  • Be aware that the Cheatham Hill Scavenger Hunt takes place at the Cheatham Hill Battlefield area of the National Park. The Battlefield is approximately five miles away from the Visitor Center. You may find a map to the location here.
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Education Specialist
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Civil War, History, Language Arts, Military and Wartime History, Reading, Social Studies
National/State Standards:
Georgia Performance Standards:
  SS5H1(c)(e) - 5th grade
  SS8H6(b) - 8th grade
  SSUSH9(d) - 9th grade
Common Core:
  ELACC5RI10 - 5th grade
  ELACC7RI1 - 7th grade
  L6-8RH3, L6-8RH4, LITCC6-8RHSS10 - 6th - 8th grade
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