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Temperate Rainforest Ecology

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Grade Level:
Tenth Grade-Twelfth Grade
Biodiversity, Biology: Plants, Climate, Ecology
2 to 3 sessions, 60 minutes each
National/State Standards:
National Standards: Science C 4, 5, 6, F 5, 6
alaska, lesson plan, Kenai Fjords, rainforest, ecology, succession


Students will review the concept of ecosystems and thoroughly examine the members of their local ecosystem. By concentrating on a specific relationship within the rainforest ecosystem, students will better understand the entire community.


Students will be aware of the important connections between living and non-living parts of the ecosystem. They will understand how seemingly distant events (glacial melt, ocean temperature, industrial development) can impact the local forest.


Teachers need to read the Succession (pg 75) and Temperate Rainforest (pg 77) sections of the Forging Connections resource.


All of the readings and worksheet can be found in the resource: Forging Connections - An Educational Resource For Kenai Fjords National Park.

  • Lesson plan is found on page 107.
  • "Succession" reading is found on page 75.
  • "Temperate Rainforest" reading is found on page 77.
  • Rainforest Web of Connectivity worksheet is found on page 110.
  • Advocating for the Rainforest activity is found on page 110.


Additional Resources


These resources contain additional information or supplies useful in the lesson plan.

  • Lichenland - Fun with Lichens from Oregon State University

  • Ancient Forests of the Pacific Northwest by Elliot A. Norse, Island Press, 1989


Canopy, Commensal, Conifer, Decomposer, Epiphyte, Fog Drip, Forest Floor, Lichen, Litterfall, Mutualistic, Nurse Log, Nutrient Cycling, Parasitic, Predatory, Understory.

Last updated: March 30, 2018