Building Wetlands

Learning Objectives:

Consider whether a man made wetland has the same value as a natural wetland of the same size.

Determine if a dollar value can be assigned to wetlands by doing research and assessment of data collected.

We saw in characteristics of wetlands that wetlands are a special combination of hydrology, soil, and plants. Can we alter hydrology to build wetlands? The answer is yes, but…. Altering hydrology can be a very expensive proposition. Also, one has to look at functions of wetlands. Will the wetland provide multiple functions or just one? Will the wetland have the mix of plants of a natural wetland or only a few? How will the microbes needed in the soil be introduced? Is the wetland being developed for a specific species habitat, or will it support multiple species?

Look first at charts of wetland functions, then look at the habitat requirements for typical wetland species. Finally, look at a case study of the park where a marsh was built to replace a swamp destroyed 60 years earlier and compare that to a remnant of the original marsh left in the park. From those facts, you can determine for yourself if wetlands can be built.

If you are interested in getting a certification, complete the project.


Wetland definition

Where wetlands form

Types of wetlands

Functions of wetlands

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