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The Molokai Light - Learn more about the tallest lighthouse in the Hawaiian Islands and what it meant to some of the people who lived at Kalaupapa.


Archeology of Kalaupapa - Learn more about the resources which make Kalaupapa one of the richest archeological sites in the Hawaiian Islands.


Hansen's Disease - Learn about the history of the world's oldest disease, why it was so feared, how it is easily treated with modern medicine, and the terrible social stigma endured by those who happened to get sick.


Geology of Kalaupapa - Learn more about the layers of rock and geologic history which created the peninsula where Kalaupapa settlement is situated.


Trail Safety - Learn about the pali (cliff) trail before you begin your hike. Here are some facts and reminders to ensure you have a safe and memorable hike down and back up.

Inventory and Monitoring Program poster - Download this educational poster which shows the distribution of Kalaupapa's significant natural and cultural features through time.

Last updated: January 19, 2018

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