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You, the Anza Trail, and the National Park Service Centennial

The National Park Service Centennial kicked off April 2015, with the launch of a new movement: Find Your Park.

From now through the end of 2016, the National Park Service and its partners are welcoming our second century with a celebration of all parks in all their forms.

"Find Your Park" recognizes that a park can be a place, a feeling, or even a state of mind.

Perhaps nothing captures the Find Your Park spirit greater than the Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail!

The Anza Trail means many things to many people, and our partners include an amazing variety of park volunteers and professionals: city, state, county, and regional parks; preservation programs; historic sites; trail planners; nonprofit organizations; Federal agencies; individual volunteers; museums; historical societies; youth groups; equestrians; and many more.

Many partners. One goal.
For us, every single centennial activity points back to the same underlying goal: to connect with and create the next generation of park visitors, supporters, and advocates.

The National Park Service Centennial and are opportunities for all of us to introduce the scope and depth of experience that parks provide. After all, will our parks have a future if the next generation finds them irrelevant?

Through its partners, the Anza Trail can become a platform to the next generation for recreation, education, leadership, and engagement on the important issues of our day. We look forward to making this happen alongside you, our friends and partners.

The time is here. As Anza might say, "Everyone mount up! Vayan subiendo!"


1. Public Portal: is the primary portal for the public to engage with the National Park Service Centennial. Your park, museum, historic site, etc., may use this site to promote your programs and activities, especially those programs aimed at engaging with the next generation of park stewards. features both "Park Experiences" and "Centennial Events".

  • Park Experiences: This is a catalog of quintessential, evergreen activities the public can enjoy. Park Experiences answer the question, "What do I do at your park?" Examples of park experiences may be, "Walk in the footsteps of California's first colonists," or, "Discover the Lifeways of the Arizona's Native People". Users of take a quiz to indicate their interests and locations. Based on their answers, the website suggests parks and activities they might enjoy. Make sure your site is on that list!
  • Centennial Events: Do you have an upcoming event, either in partnership with the National Park Service or not, that engages the next generation in parks and public lands? List your event at
2. Partner Portal: As a partner of the Anza Trail and the National Park Service, you are invited to create a free account at This site, produced by the National Park Foundation, is where you can upload Park Experiences and Centennial Events that will appear on You can also access Find Your Park logos (which you may use for noncommercial purposes), recorded webinars, and information on licensing.

3. Anza Trail Webinar for Partners: Intro to the National Park Service Centennial
In April 2015, staff of the Anza Trail produced a 45-minute webinar for partners to learn more about the National Park Service centennial and what it can mean for them.

Anza Trail goals for Centennial

Anza Trail Goals for the Centennial

The staff of the Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail has identified four areas of focus for our own goals during the National Park Service Centennial.

Download a PDF of the Anza Trail Goals for the National Park Service Centennial

Our goals include:

1. Engaging Community

  • Certification of 500 miles of trail and 5 sites
  • 5 new interpretive wayside exhibits
  • Art exhibit with the California Indian Heritage Center Foundation
2. Engaging Youth

  • New Junior Ranger activities
  • Teacher-Ranger-Teacher in Oakland
  • New curriculum materials and classroom-friendly videos
3. Engaging College-Age Population

  • Laney College Anza Trail parklet
  • Design studios
  • Internships
4. Engaging Partners

  • Webinar series to offer training/support for Anza Trail partners
  • New kits for interpreting the Anza Trail in communities
  • Recruit 100 new volunteers

Last updated: February 21, 2018

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