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Travel the Anza Trail, learn about the rich and diverse history of the corridor, and read stories of our partners and volunteers' work along the trail.

Mighty Oak Trees Along The Trail

April 23, 2019 Posted by: Miguel A. Marquez

California is home to wild oak landscapes that have been providing life for centuries. Come explore these environments that the Anza expedition encountered on their journey through California.


New Wayside Panel in San Juan Bautista, CA.

April 22, 2019 Posted by: Naomi Torres

A new Interpretive Wayside panel was installed to replace an old deteriorating one along the Trail. See what the Anza Trail volunteers in San Juan Bautista have been up to!.


Anza Traveling Exhibit in King City California.

March 12, 2019 Posted by: Miguel A. Marquez

The Anza traveling exhibit is heading to King City, California! The Monterey County Agricultural and Rural Life Museum is excited to announce the opening of the Juan Bautista de Anza Expedition Exhibit from March 1, 2019 through June 30, 2019. The exhibit, created by the National Park Service, will feature seven bilingual interpretive panels telling the story of the expedition and the challenges the members faced.


Afro Latinos and the development of early California

February 15, 2019 Posted by: Miguel A. Marquez

Among the earliest non-indigenous residents of California were hundreds of people of African background who descended from slaves taken to Mexico during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. These Afro-Latinos, as they have come to be called, helped shape the character of California by blazing trails and establishing towns and ranches that grew into major cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, Monterey, and San Jose.


Dispatches from the Trail

January 30, 2019 Posted by: Rick Collins

Current Anza Trail conditions in Southern Arizona due to river flooding.


New - Trail Maps of Southern Arizona

November 30, 2018 Posted by: BriAnna Weldon

A new map of Southern Arizona from Tucson to Nogales highlights the cultural, natural, recreation, and historic resources associated with the Anza Expedition.


El Corrido de Anza: A Musical Narrative of the Anza Trail

November 26, 2018 Posted by: Los Cenzontles Productions

The National Park Service and Los Cenzontles Productions is proud to announce the release of “El Corrido de Anza”. Join us and take a musical journey of the Anza Expedition.


AIANTA to Develop Tribal Travel Guide Interpreting the Anza Trail

November 16, 2018 Posted by: Miguel A. Marquez

In partnership with the National Park Service, the American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association will produce a printed guidebook interpreting the trail through the stories of the tribes along the way.


Southern California Landscapes along the Anza Trail

October 29, 2018 Posted by: Friends of Griffith Park

As part of Trails 50, the National Park Service is working with the Friends of Griffith Park to install two new outdoor interpretive exhibits along the Anza Recreation Trail. These will be part of the improvements happening along the recreation trail in Griffith Park. The first commemorates the Feliz Family who traveled on the expedition and became an important family in the Los Angeles Area. The second wayside talks about the native landscapes of Southern California.


Celebrating Pima County!

October 25, 2018 Posted by: BriAnna Weldon

Celebrating Pima County and the certification of 47 miles of trail and 6 trailheads as official components of the Juan Baustista de Anza National Historic Trail and the 50th Anniversary of the National Trails System!


Photographer Finishes 1,200-Mile Hike of the Entire Anza Trail

May 03, 2016 Posted by: Bart Smith, through hiker

Photographer and author Bart Smith completed a hike of the entire 1,200-mile Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail on Friday, April 29, 2016. Staff from the Anza Trail and the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy greeted him at the Golden Gate Bridge 68 days after he set off from Nogales, Arizona. Here is Bart's reflection as he neared the finish line:


Book Review -- The Forgotten Governor: Fernando de Rivera and the Opening of Alta California

May 03, 2016 Posted by: Rita Vega-Acevedo

In his book, The Forgotten Governor: Fernando de Rivera and the Opening of Alta California (Langdon Street Press), author John Wills makes a case to include Rivera among the illustrious group. Read more for the full review.


Anza Trail Volunteer Sandra Candanosa of Concord Honored with National Park Service Volunteer Award

May 12, 2016 Posted by: Hale Sargent, Anza Trail Interpretive Specialist

Sandra Candanosa of Concord, California, has been named the regional recipient of the National Park Service George and Helen Hartzog Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service.


Los Angeles Event Helps Anza Trail Reach its Centennial Goals

May 12, 2016 Posted by: Hale Sargent, Anza Trail Ranger

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti certified 30 miles of the Los Angeles River Greenway as an official component of the Anza Trail while simultaneously swearing in 500 new Anza Trail Junior Rangers at a major event.


Learning about the Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail

May 12, 2016 Posted by: Denise Louie, National Park Service Pacific West Regional Office Natural Resources Assistant Team Lead

Staff from the National Park Service Pacific West Region HQ left their skyscraper office and took a learning tour of the Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail through the San Francisco Bay Area on April 25, 2016.


Tucson Sees 100 Classroom Presentations for the 100th Birthday of the National Park Service

June 08, 2016 Posted by: Debbie Gevirtzman, Environmental Education Exchange

This school year, more than 2,500 fourth graders across Tucson and southern Arizona connected with the 100th birthday of the National Park Service through 100 classroom presentations about the Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail.


A Beautiful Arrival Ceremony at the Presidio of San Francisco, June 25, 2016

July 13, 2016 Posted by: Martha Vallejo McGettigan, Descendant, 2nd Anza Expedition; Chair, Spanish Task Force, Presidio Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution

Every year descendants of the original families of the second Juan Bautista de Anza Expedition, through their group Los Californianos, return to the Presidio of San Francisco in June to recognize the amazing journey of their ancestors and to celebrate the founding of that site with a special commemoration and luncheon.


In Memoriam: Phil Valdez, Jr.

June 12, 2018 Posted by: : Martha McGettigan, Californio

A "giant" in the world of California colonial history, Phil Valdez, Jr., passed away, May 10th, 2018 in Ukiah after a valiant fight with a long term illness.


Junior Rangers and Families on the Anza Trail

May 03, 2018 Posted by: Melissa Avery

Melissa Avery is known as “Chasqui Mom" and blogs about her outdoor family adventures in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Melissa and her Family often pass Anza Trail Auto Route signage, the Anza Trail historic corridor, and certified Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail during their family adventures and daily lives in the Bay Area.


Digital Experience: The Anza Trail in Imperial County

April 26, 2018 Posted by: Lizzet Pineda

Join us as we follow the Anza Expedition from the Yuma Crossing through the Colorado Desert in Baja California and Imperial County! This Story Map Cascade shows off some of the best opportunities to experience a landscape similar to what the expedition would have seen as they traveled through.


Trails & Rails Volunteer Program

April 19, 2018 Posted by: Miguel A. Marquez

All Aboard! Did you know that the Trails & Rails program is a partnership between Amtrak and the National Park Service that educates travelers on the heritage and natural resources of a specific region while traveling by rail?  Check out the Juan Bautista de Anza Trails & Rails Volunteer opportunities today!


Dark Sky Photography: Tips and Tricks for Finding your Night Sky

April 09, 2018 Posted by: Kevin Finnie

Did you know that there are Dark Sky Parks and Communities along the Anza Trail? These places have been certified by the International Dark Sky Association as a dark sky place and are beautiful places to experience the Anza Trail and photograph the night sky. And there are many other places along the trail to shoot the stars! Read below for some tools of the trade and get out there to #FindYourTrail and your #NightSky!


On the Trail: Lucy's Warbler Nestboxes - Bringing Birds Home

April 02, 2018 Posted by: Michael Dunn

The Tucson Audubon has been working in along the Anza Trail near Tubac, Arizona. Read about their Lucy's nestbox study first year report.


To Manuela...

March 27, 2018 Posted by: Lydia Margarita Weis

In the Bicentennial edition of Antepasados, produced by Los Californianos, Lydia Margarita Weis chose to memorialize María Ygnacia Manuela Piñuelas de Féliz in a poem, “To Manuela.” We selected to pull this tribute out of the archives to end our series during Women’s History Month commemorating the women of the expedition and Manuela, the only death of the expedition.


Women's History and the Anza Trail

March 15, 2018 Posted by: Fatima Colindres

Park Ranger Fatima Colindres from Golden Gate National Recreation Area shares a personal connection with the legacy and women from the Anza Expedition. Ranger Colindres brings history alive with her interpretive program that highlights the life of Juana Briones, a descendant of the Anza Expedition.


Passport to Your National Trails

March 08, 2018 Posted by: Lenna Saleh

Golden Gate Bridge Volunteer Lenna Saleh shares her experience of serendipitously learning about the Anza Trail via the Passport to Your National Parks program and her road trip to visit all (but two) of the passport stamp locations. She reflects on learning about the expedition, California's history, and the varied landscapes of the trail.


Digital Experience: Anza Expedition Through The Eyes of a Child

March 02, 2018 Posted by: Lizzet Pineda

Story Maps - Anza Expedition through children's eyes. A new interactive map experience for digital visitors to the Anza Trail.


Afro-Latinos in Early California

February 22, 2018 Posted by: Naomi L. Torres, Superintendent

Introduction to Afro-Latino presence and contributions to Early California. African-American heritage,


Birding along the Anza Trail in Arizona

February 15, 2018 Posted by: John O'Neill

Serious birders from sea to shining sea and beyond are familiar with the Anza Trail in Santa Cruz County, Arizona, for the beauty, diversity and rarity of birds seen there.


Two Leaders, One Trail: Anza and Font; Leadership and Duty

February 13, 2018 Posted by: Ronald D. Quinn, Ph.D.

In February the National Park Service is exploring stories and inspiration from leaders and about leadership. In this article, Anza Society member, Ronald Quinn, Ph.D. explores two of the leaders of the 1775-76 colonizing expedition and the motivations behind their leadership.


Digital Experiences: The Anza Trail in Southern Arizona

February 01, 2018 Posted by: Lizzet Pineda

Introducing Story Maps - a new interactive map experience for digital visitors to the Anza Trail. We're sharing the first in a series of maps about the Santa Cruz River Valley in Southern Arizona.


VOLUNTEERS WANTED for the Anza Trail Color Guard

January 25, 2018 Posted by: Dennis Carlos, President, Anza Trail Color Guard

Anza Trail Color Guard president is recruiting for volunteers! Learn more about what our living historians do as interpreters of the Anza Trail.


Where's the Visitors Center?

January 11, 2018 Posted by: BriAnna Weldon

An introduction to the many components of the Anza Trail and how to find where to visit.


Opening Doors: My time as an Intern with the Anza Trail

January 04, 2018 Posted by: Lizzet Pineda

LHIP Intern Lizzet Pineda, describes her six month internship with the Anza Trail.


Welcome to the New Anza Trail Blog!

December 19, 2017 Posted by: Superintendent Naomi L. Torres

Welcome letter from Superintendent starting the blog


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