Climbing Routes

Whether a particular climb is in or out of wilderness is not always easy to determine. The list below could change as we are able to locate climbs with ever more accurate GPS coordinates.
Located in non-wilderness Located in wilderness
Abbey Rock
Africa Face
Afro Blues Wall
Alice In Wonderland Area
Alps Rock, the
Amoeba, The
Ancient Kingdom
Anthrax Rock
Apparition Rock
Arid Piles - East Face
Arid Piles - North Face
Arid Piles - Southwest Face
Ash Gordon Rock
Asteroid Belt
Atlantis Area
Aussie Snake Foods
Aviary, The
B52 Rock
Backstreets, The
Banana Cracks
Bankrupt Wall
Barker Dam
Baskerville Rock
BC Buttress
Bear Island
Beaver Bouler
Becky's Buttress Area
Bed Rock
Beetle Buttress
Big Hunk
Bilbo Buttress, The
Billboard Buttress
Bite Rock
Black Rocks, The
Black Tower
Blob, The - East Face
Blob, The - West Face
Blue Nubian Wall
Bovine Dome
Breaking Away Cliff
Bronto Rock
Brown Wall, The
Brownie Girl Dome, The
Bubba Rock
Bush Dome
Campfire Crag - South Face
Campfire Crags - North Face
Campsite No. 4
Canyon Entrance Routes
Cap Rock - Northeast and North Faces
Cap Rock - South Face
Castle Rock - North Face
Castle Rock - South Face
Cave Corridor - North Formation
Cave Corridor - South Formation
Cave Man Crag
Cavern Rock
Center Crag
Cereal Rock
Cerro Torre Area
Cerro Torre Tower
Chair, The
Chimney Rock - East Face
Chimney Rock - West Face
Chipped Wall
Chongo Boulder, The
Circle Crag
Citadel, The
Clump Canyon
Clump Canyon - Northeast Face
Clump Canyon - Southwest Face
Cluster, The
Cockroach Crag
Comic Strip, The
Condor Rock
Consort Rock
Cool Dome
Copenhagen Wall
Corona Wall
Corral Wall
Corrodor Face
Cove Canyon Dome
Creeper Rock
Crows' Nest
Cuddlebone Dome, The
Cyclops Rock - Northeast Face
Cyclops Rock - Northwest Face
Cyclops Rock - Southwest Face
Czech Dome
Dairy Queen Wall
Dark Shadows Rock
Demon Dome
Den Of Doom - East Face
Den Of Doom - West Face
Desire Rock
Diamond Clump
Dihedral Rock
Dinosaur Rock - North Face
Dinosaur Rock - West Face
Dislodge Rock
Dissolution Rock
Dos Equis Wall
Dutzi Rock
Dweeb Spire
Earth First Rock
East Cove - Left Side
East Cove - Right Side
Echo Cove - Left (north) Side
Echo Cove - Right (south) Side
Echo Cove Formations - East Side
Echo Cove Rocks - South Face
Echo Rock - East Face
Echo Rock - North End, West Face
Echo Rock - South End
Elephant Dome
Ellsmere Island
Empire Wall
End Loop Area
Erotic Dome
Exhibit Rock
Feudal Wall, The
Filipino Wall
Financial Wall
Fingertip Rock
Flexible Rock
Found In The Duffle Crag
Foundry, The - East Face
Foundry, The - West Face
Freeway Wall, The
Freeway Wall, The - West Face
Frolic Towers
Fruit Cake, The
Gateway Rock
Ghost Town
Gilligan's Island
Glory Dome
Gold Nuggets, The
Grain Silo, The
Graystone, The
Great Burrito, The
Green Room, The
Grotto Rock
Group Camp #1 Wall
Group Camp 8 Wall
Group Camp Short Wall
Gully, The
Half Rock
Hall Of Horrors - East Wall (West Face)
Hall Of Horrors - West Wall (East Face)
Hall Of Horrors - West Wall (West Face)
Hand Grenade Corridor
Hardly Rock
Headstone Rock - North Face
Headstone Rock - South Face
Heap, The
Hell Rock
Hemingway Buttress - East Face
Hemingway Buttress - East Face
Hemingway Buttress - West Face
Heretic Boulder
Herman Rocks
Hershey Kiss
Hidden Cliff, The
Hidden Dome
Hidden Tower
Hill Street Blues
Hillside, The
Hit Man Rock
Hob Nob Wall
Hodgepodge Rock - North Face
Hodgepodge Rock - Southwest Face
Hot Tub, The
Hound Rock
Houser Buttress
Human Sacrifice Boulder
Hunk Rock - East Face
Hunk Rock - West Face
HVCG Back Side
Iceberg Boulder Area
Imaginary Voyage Formation
Indian Palisades Corridor
Inquisition Rock
Intersection Rock - East Face
Intersection Rock - North Face
Intersection Rock - Northwest Face
Intersection Rock - South Face
Intersection Rock - West Face
Interstate Crag
Intimidator Rocks
Iron Hand Rock
IRS Wall, The - East Face
Jailhouse Rock
Jaime's Rock
Jam Or Slam Rock
Jimmy Cliff
Jimmy Cliff - East Face
Jimmy Cliff - East Face
Jimmy Cliff - South Face
Jimmy Cliff - West Face
John Yablonski Rock
Jumbo Rocks Corridor
Junk Clump
Ken Balck Memorial Dome
Keystone Block
Killer Cracks, The
King Dome
King Otto's Castle
Knockout Rock
Labor Dome
Lakeside Rock
Lakeside Rock - East Side
Laugh Rock
Lechlinski Crack Formation
Left Hand Of Darkness - East Face
Left Hand Of Darkness - West Face
Little Hunk
Little Hunk - East Face
Little Hunk - Northeast Face
Little Hunk - West Face
Little Rock Candy Mountain
Little Stuff Crags
Lizard's Hangout
LLoyd's Rock
Locomotion Rock
Lost Corridor
Lost Horse Ranger Station Wall
Lost Horse Wall
Lost Horse Wall - South End
Lost In The Shuffle Crag
Lost Rocks
Love Nest, The
Lower Cow Rock
Lower Tier, The
Magic Mountain Area
Manure Pile, The
Mary Worth Buttress, The
Mel's Diner
Mental Block, The
Micro Crag
Mighty Mouse Rock
Milepost, The
Miles Of Piles Rock - East Face
Miles Of Piles Rock - West Face
Mindless Mound
Mini Crag - East Face, Left End
Mini Crag - West Face
Miscellaneous Rocks
Molar, The
Moosedog Tower
Morbid Mound
More Funky Than Monkey
Mt. Grossvogel - East Face
Mt. Grossvogel - West Face
Mustang Ranch
Negropolis, The
New Jersey Dome
New Sage Rock
No Place Like Dome
Noodle Rock
North Dakota Dome
North Horror Rock
Not So Cool Dome
Nuclear Reactor Rock
Old Woman, The - East Face
Old Woman, The - West Face
Other Campsite No. 1 Area Routes
Otter Cliffs, The
Outhouse Rock - East Face
Outhouse Rock - West Face
Outward Bound Slab
Overbolted Rock
Oyster Bar, The
Oz Rock
Palmreader Wall
Panorama Pillar
Patagonia Pile - East Face
Patagonia Pile - West Face
Pathetic Dome
Peewee Rock
Peewee Rock - South Face
Pep Boys Crag, The
Perjury Rock
Pet Cemetery, The
Pet Rock
Peyote Cracks - East Face
Peyote Cracks - West Face
Pinyon Crag
Pitted Rock
Pitted Rock - East Face
Pixie Rock
Planet X Boulders
Playhouse Rock
Plymouth Rock
Poetry Rock
Ponderosa Wall
Poodle Rock
Poon Dome
Pope Boulders, The
Pope's Cape
Pope's Hat
Potato Head, The
Previously Unreleased Material
Prime Time Crag
Protozoan, The
Pyramid Tower
Queen Crimson Dome
Rabbit Warren, The
Rat Rock
Real Hall Of Horrors
Red Burrito, The
Reggie Dome
Rich And Famous Cliff
Road Kill Rock
Roadside Rock
Rock 1
Rock 2
Rock 3
Rock Garden Valley - East Face
Rock Hudson
Rock Of Ages
Rockworks Rock
Rollerball Formation
Roof Rock
Rubble Rocks
Rumble Crags, The
Rusty Wall
Ryan Campground
S Crack Formation
Saavy Dome
Saddle Rocks
Saddle Rocks - South Face, Lower Summit
Saddle Rocks - South Face, Middle Summit
Sand Castle, The
Sandworm Rock
Sargeant Rock
Saturn Boulder, The
Scary Tree Pinnacles
Senile Dome
Senile Dome - Nancy Reagan's Face
Sentinel, The - East Face
Sentinel, The - West Face
Shady Spot, The
Short Rock
Short Wall
Short Wall - North Face
Shorter Wall
Shuttle Rock
Silverado Area
Ski Slope, The
Sky King Rock
Slanta Claus Rock
Slump Rock
Small World Cliff
Smith Rock
Snake Dome
Snickers - North Face
Snickers - South Face
Snooze Rock
Solosby Face
South Dakota Dome
South Horror Rock
Souvenir Rock
Sphinx, The
Sports Challenge Rock - East Face
Sports Challenge Rock - West Face
Squaw Tank
Star Trek Tower
Star Wars Rock
Steve Canyon - East Face of the West Wall
Steve Canyon - East Side (East Face)
Steve Canyon - Lower East Side (West Face)
Steve Canyon - Outside, West
Steve Canyon - Upper East Side (West Face)
Steve Canyon - Upper West Side (East Face)
Stirrup Rock - North Face
Stirrup Rock - South Face
Stirrup Towers - West Side
Stirrup, The
Summit Or Plummet Rock
Sunset Rock
Super Creeps Wall - East Wall
Super Heros Wall
Swidgeteria, The
Tailings, The
Target Rock
Teepee Rock
Television Wall
Theoretical Boulder
Thin Wall, The - East Face
Thin Wall, The - West Face
Three Pile Island
Tierra Incognito
Timeless Void Clump
Tiny Tots Rock - East Face
Tire Tread Wall
Tooth, The
Top Hat Rock
Torre Del Sol
Touch And Go Face
Tower 1- East Face
Tower 2 - East Face
Tower 3
Towers, The
Trashcan Rock - East Face
Trashcan Rock - West Face
Trifling Rock - East Face
Trifling Rock - West Face
Tumbling Rainbow Formation
Turtle Rock - East Face
Turtle Rock - North Face
Turtle Rock - South Face
Two Bolt Rock
Uncle Remus
Upper Cow Rock
Vagmarken - Left Buttress
Vagmarken - Right Buttress
Valle De Duck
Varnished Wall
Voice's Crag
Volcano Boulder
Volcano, The
Voodoo Dome
Vulture's Roost
Wailing Sax Wall
Wailing Wall, The - West Face
Wall Of Absurdities
Wall Of Biblical Fallacies
Wall Street
Wall, The - Middle Section
Wall, The - North End
Wall, The - North End (East Face)
Wall, The - South End
Wally World
Wart, The - West Face
Watergate Rock
Watts Towers
Wedding Block
Whispering Wall, The
White Cliffs of Dover
White Tank Campground
Wild Gravity Formation
Willit Pillar
Wimp Tower, The
Witch Rock
Wizard Rock
Wonder Bluffs
Wooly Spider Boulder
Worthwhile Pile
X Factor Dome
Zebra Cliffs - North Face
Zebra Cliffs - South Side
Zebra Cliffs - West Side
Zebrz Cliffs - East Face
Zippy Rock
41-Minute Dome
Afro Awareness Week
Agent Orange Rock
Atom Smasher Boulders
Bandana Rock
Beak Boulder Rocks, The
Big Ass Boulder
Big Lie Rock, The
Big Top
Bighorn Dome - North Face
Bighorn Mating Grotto
Bighorn Terrace
Bond Boulders
Boredome Rock
Brit Corridor
Bulkhead, The
Butler Corridor
Cactus City
Cactus Cooler Aretes
Cactus Flower Towers
Cactus Slump, The
Castle, The
Cat Pinnacle
Cave Rock - North Face
Cave Rock - West Face
Central Formation
Chicken Boulder
Cirque Of The Climbables - Left End
Cirque Of The Climbables - Right End
Clean Crack Formation
Cling Or Fling Corridor
Cockroach Crags
Commissioner's Buttress
Conrad Rock
Cornerstone, The
Cowboy Crags
Crocodile Rock
Crystal Quarry
Darwin Dome
Defender Block
Dental Dome
Desert Island
Desert Queen Dome
Diarrhea Dome
Dike Rock
Disappointment Dome
Disaster Dome
Disneyland Dome
Disneyland Dome - North Face
Dissatisfaction Rock
Don Genero Cliffs
Don Juan Boulder
Dorothy's Crag
Double Cross Rocks
Dreamscape Dome
Duckwaddle Domes
Dumb Dome
Dunce Cap, The
East Formation
El Dorado
Elephant Arches
Emasculation Rock
Emerald City
Endangered Species Dome
Epperson Boulder
Escape Rock
Evolution rock
False Moosedog Tower
Fat Freddie's Cat
Finch Dome
Fire Me A Burger Rock
Firefly Rock
Fish Rock
Flying Fortress, The - Right Side
Flying Fortress, The - South Face
Foolproof Tower
Foot, The
Fortress Area, The
Fortress, The - North Face
Fraggle Rock
Freak Brothers Domes - West Face
Friable Rock
Frigid Tower
Frontier Spires
Frontier Wall
Future Games Rock
Gadget Dome
Get It Together Rock
Gossip Column, The
Grain Central Station
Grain Pile Rocks
Grand Canyon - East Face
Grand Canyon - West Face
Gravity Rock
Green Wall, The
Grey Giant - North Face
Grey Giant - South Face
Grope Rock
Guardhouse, The
Gumby Dome
Ha! Karate Rock
Hard Rock
Harry's Quarry
Hawk Hatchery, The
Hen Pecked Boulder
Hidden Corridor
Hidden Wall
Hone Dome
Honestead Wall, The
Hook And Ladder Area
Hoother Rocks
Humpty Dumpty
Iguana Dome
Iguana, The
Inauguron dome
Indian Head
Island In The Stream
Isles Corridor - Left (West) Side
Isles Corridor - Right (East) Side
Isles In The Sky
Ivory Tower - East Face
Ivory Tower - West Face
Jerry Fall Wall
Jerry's Quarry
Kansas Cliffs
Katchina Walls
Kate's Crag
Laughter Rock
Lava Dome
Lazy Dome
Lemon Dome
Lenticular Dome
Lime Dome
Lost In The Wonderland Slab
Lost Pencil
Lost Rock
Lost Rock
Loveland North
Low Motivation Dome
Lower Dodge City
Lower Walt's Rock
Margaret Thatcher Spire
Melon, The
Mesopotamia Dome
Mind Body Rock
Mini Mall, The
Miracle Mile Boulders
Mirage Rock
Moonstone, The - Northeast Face
Morongo Man Cliffs
Mother Lode Wall
Munchkinland Crag
Nomad Dome - West Face
North Astro Dome - Northeast Face
North Astro Dome - West Face
North Tower
Old A Hotie Rock
Olympic Dome
Orient Rock
Owl Pinnacle
Oz Towers, The
Pac Man Rock
Pastry Pile, The
Patina Rock
Pea Brain
Pearls, The
Pernicious Dome
Perpetual Motion Wall
Perry Masonary
Piledriver Boulders
Pinon Point
Poodle Smasher Area
Poppie Field Boulders, The
Pringle Rock
Punk Rock - Southwest Face
Pyramid, The
Rattlesnake Buttress
Rattlesnake Forks
Rattlesnake Forks Boulders
Red Bluffs
Red Obelisk, The
Reef Rock
Refrigerator, The
Rim Rock
Rocky Marciano
Rodeo Rock
Roman Rocks
Room To Shroom
Rooster Boulder
Rubicon Formation
Saddle Rocks - South Face, Upper Summit
Sanctuary, The
Scarecrow Rock
Scary Rock
Scud Boulder
Senile Dome - Northeast Face
Shark Fin, The
Skin Graft, The
Skyscraper Rock
Slab Dome
Slatanic Area
Snake Pit, The
Snake Pit, The
Snorkle Dome
South Astro Dome - East Face
South Astro Dome - Northeast Face
South Astro Dome - West Face
South Tower
Split Dome
Split Dome - East Face
Split Personality Rock
Split Rocks Area
Spy Tower
Stepping Stones, The
Suicide Horn Rock
Sun Proof Wall, The
Sunlight Rock
Super Block, The
Super Dome, The
Supercollider Rock
Surprise Rock - West Face
Tar And Feathers Boulder
Techulator, The
That Little Doodad Boulder Unit
Throne Of The Matriarch
Throne Of The Monkey King
Thrutcher Dome
Thrutcher Dome - North Face
Tiger Rocks
Timbuktu Towers
Titanic, The
Toad Rock
Tom Sawyer's Island
Tombstone, The
Top Block, The
Tortuga, The
Toto Boulder
Tower Of Power
Tower Rocks
Training Ground, The
Tres Amigos Cliff
Unforseen Dome - West Face
Upper Dodge City
Upper Walt's Rocks
Valley Of The Dolls
Valley Of The Kings
Vector Rock
Virgin Pile
Wane's Wall
Watcha Call It Pillar
Wavecrest Rock
Way Gone Dome
Wedge, The
Weenie, The
West Tiers
West World
White Cliffs, The
Wizz Site
Workout Rock
Worth Bagley Memorial Dome
Yearly Rock
Zsa Zsa Gabor Memorial Boulder

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