August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse

Vintage Style Poster for the 2017 Eclipse by Tyler Nordgren

Illustration by Tyler Nordgren

Basic Information

The total eclipse of August 21, 2017 will be visible from all three units of John Day Fossil Beds National Monument. The Painted Hills and Sheep Rock Units are both directly under the center line of the eclipse, and the Clarno Unit is north of center line but still within the range of totality.

The eclipse will begin shortly after 9 am, with the sun being completely blocked at or shortly after 10:20 am, depending on which unit you are at. The sun will be blacked out one minute and forty seconds at Clarno and just over two minutes each at Sheep Rock and Painted Hills.

Planning Your Eclipse Visit

Camping is not permitted in monument boundaries. Please plan accordingly. Our Camping and Lodging pages may be helpful, but please note that most area accommodations that accept reservations have been already been booked for years for the eclipse.

Local infrastructure is limited. We recommend visitors fill their vehicle with fuel ahead of time and keep the tank topped off as much as possible. Pack sufficient water and food for the day for all members of your group in case of extreme traffic congestion and/or if local businesses sell out of gas, food, beverages, and other supplies. The high temperatures in August can still reach into the 100s, so plan to bring a larger supply of water than you think you will need.

Sun Safety

Remember eclipse viewing safety and come prepared. While many local businesses, including the bookstore at the paleontology center, will carry eclipse viewing glasses and/or filters, it is possible they may sell out before the event. It is best to purchase these items ahead of time and bring them with you to ensure you have them available to use. Never look at the sun without eclipse rated eyewear.

The Details

Park Staff is still determining the details. Check back on this page for more detailed information as it becomes available. Special parking areas will be designated, and areas that are normally open may be closed and/or open to foot traffic only. Expect traffic delays travelling to and within the area, long walks to prime viewing areas, and long lines at restrooms. We are expecting unusually high visitation, therefore programs and services will be limited.

Commercial or Special Park Use Permits

John Day Fossil Beds National Monument will not issue any permits for Commercial Uses or Special Park Uses during the time period between August 17 through August 24th, 2017. Managing permitted activities will simply not be possible due to the unusually large numbers of visitors for the Total Solar Eclipse. We are expecting over a quarter of our annual visitation during that week. A National Park Service special events management team has been requested to assist park staff in responding to large crowds, providing for visitor safety, and protecting resources for which the park was established.


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