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Bring life to these illustrations of John Day Fossil Beds National Monument and some of the prehistoric animals that use to call this area home. Download and print these images to color!
A black and white coloring page depicting two entelodonts scavenging on the remains of an animal.

Archaeotherium caninus

Entelodonts, also called "hell pigs," were fearsome animals that weighed over 1000 pounds. Their closest living relative today is the hippo.

A black and white coloring page depicting a Nimravus brachyops among foliage and rocks.

Nimravus brachyops

This mountain-lion sized member of the nimravid family looks very much like living cats. However, the two families are not closely related.

A black and white coloring page of two oreodonts (pig-like herbivores) grazing.

Eporeodon occidentalis

Oreodonts were a very successful group of browsing herbivores that lived in the forests. They had pig-like bodies and deer-like teeth.

Black & white coloring page of a stream with two Miohippus splashing and a Capacikala on the bank.

Miohippus annectens/ Capacikala gradatus

Miohippus was a small, three-toed relative of modern horses. Capacikala was a small member of the beaver family that did not live in water.

A black and white coloring page of a total solar eclipse at totality above Sheep Rock in the park.

Total Solar Eclipse

This spectacular event occurs when the moon moves in front of the sun, covering it completely for a very short time.

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