Things To Know Before You Come


Here are some things that you may want to know about the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site before you visit.

  • There is no public transportation in the town of Plains.
  • If you are visiting with the SAM Shortline Excursion Train, please watch for traffic and listen for the train horn. If you are left by the train, there may be no way of returning to your departing station in Cordele or Americus.
  • The town of Plains may be small, but a major US Highway (280) runs through Plains. Caution must be used when walking and driving in order reduce accidents.
  • Enjoy your walk around town in order to get a closer view of the buildings and the scenery, but please observe all traffic and park regulations.
  • Be aware of snakes, poison ivy, wasps, bees and fire ants (characterized by the red sandy mounds) which can have a painful sting. Always wear shoes to protect yourself.
  • Visitors must be aware to respect the privacy and rights of the residents of Plains.
  • Weather in Southwest Georgia can change in the blink of an eye during the summer months. Thunderstorms and high temperatures can make it unpleasant for visitors. Check the local forecast and dress appropriately.
  • There are no drink machines in the park facilities; however, there are plenty of places in town to get refreshments.

Please keep this information in mind when visiting the park. We want you to have an enjoyable time as you: Experience Your America.

Last updated: April 14, 2015

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