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New exhibit galleries have just opened at the Old Courthouse which cover the history of early St. Louis and its role in the westward expansion of the United States. The galleries feature many of the most popular artifacts and stories from the Museum of Westward Expansion while it is being renovated over the next two years. The three brand new exhibits begin with the story of the settlement of Early St. Louis (1764-1804), depicting the unique lifestyle of the original French residents and their American Indian trading partners. The second gallery, called Exploring the West (1804-1840), tells the story of the Lewis and Clark expedition, the American period of the fur trade and the mountainmen. The third gallery is entitled Clash of Cultures (1840-1890), and describes the way of life of plains Indian tribes, the pioneer movement and settlement of the far west, and the treatment of American Indians from the reservation era to today.
tools used by French settlers
Early St. Louis: Various tools used by the first French settlers.

Sue Ford/NPS

Trade goods and weapons used by American Indians
Early St. Louis: Trade goods and weapons used by American Indians.

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Trading Post
Exploring the West: Goods that could be bought or traded at a trading post.

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Tools of the Trade Mn_450px
Exploring the West: Tools of the trade used by the mountainman.

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Loading the covered wagon
Clash of Cultures: Covered wagon being packed for a long journey across the plains.

Sue Ford/NPS

american Indian exhibit
Clash of Culture: The way of life for plains Indian tribes.

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Last updated: May 22, 2015

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