Speakers at the 2001 Symposium

Symposium 2001 - Speakers

Before Lewis and Clark: Indian Nations, French and Spanish Colonials in the Mississippi and Missouri River Valleys Symposium
St. Louis, Missouri, April 5-7, 2001

Presented by
Jefferson National Expansion Memorial,
The Spanish Colonial Research Center,
National Park Service
The Missouri Historical Society


Gerard Baker
Superintendent of the Lewis and Clark National Trail, National Park Service, Omaha, Nebraska
The Fur Trade with the Three Affiliated Tribes, Before Lewis and Clark

Catherine Broué
CELAT, Université Laval, Québec, Canada
Louis Hennepin, Cavelier de la Salle and Intertribal Dynamics
in New France, 1678-1681

Margaret Brown
Prairie du Rocher, Illinois
Colonists and Colonizing in the Illinois Country

Kathleen DuVal
University of California - Davis
"They Get Nothing But Caresses": Resentment of the Osage in the Late Eighteenth-Century Mississippi Valley"

Carl Ekberg
Professor Emeritus, Illinois State University
Missouri's First Black Families

Rev. William Barnaby Faherty
Director, Museum of the Western Jesuit Missions, St. Louis
Missionaries and the Mississippi River Valley

J. Frederick Fausz
University of Missouri - St. Louis
When the Osage Indians Were the Gateway to the West:
Missouri's 18th Century Fur Trade as a 'Corpus of Discovery

Judith Gilbert
Amarillo, Texas
Esther and Her Sisters - Free Women of Color as Property Owners
in Colonial St. Louis, 1765-1803

Jay Gitlin
Howard R. Lamar Center for the Study of Frontiers and Borders, Yale University
Setting the Stage - Colonial St. Louis and its Neighbors"
(French/Spanish Settlements, Indians and the U.S.)

Bill Iseminger
Archeologist and Director, Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site, Collinsville, Illinois
Ancient Cultures of the Middle Mississippi

Carmen González Lopez-Briones
U.S. Embassy, Madrid, Spain
Trade, Presents, and Mixed Results: The Spanish Relationship with the Quapaw and Osage Indians at the Arkansas Post, 1762-1804

Amy Mossett
Fort Berthold Community College, New Town, North Dakota
Comparisons of Hidatsa Village Life with Colonial St. Louis

Joseph P. Sánchez
Spanish Colonial Research Center, National Park Service, Albuquerque, New Mexico
African-American Soldiers in the Spanish Service

Dr. Denise Wilson and Michael Lewis
Lafayette, Indiana
A Musical Journey to Colonial Illinois - Spirited Old World traditional music carried to the Illinois Country by soldiers, traders, voyageurs, and habitants

W. Raymond Wood
University of Missouri - Columbia
An Archeological Overview of the People of the Upper Missouri

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