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The following pre-visit and post-visit activities help students to prepare for Museum Education Programs at the Old Courthouse and Museum of Westward Expansion. These activities are tied into the Missouri, Illinois, and national standards for Social Studies and Language Arts. Please contact us for the full documents of these pre and post-visit activities. Education Staff 314-655-1635

Old Courthouse Programs

Museum of Westward Expansion
Lewis & Clark

Mountain Men


Homestead Farmers


Teacher Activity Guides

While not required, the following Teacher Activity Guides contain additional activities and resources to help students prepare for and reflect upon their Museum Education Program. Some of the resources include vocabulary words, reading lists and National Park sites related to your MEP. Please contact us for the full documents of these Teacher Activity Guides. Education Staff 314-655-1635

African Americans of the West
American Indians of the Great Plains
Civics and Citizenship
Freedom School
Game of the West
History Mystery Game
Lewis and Clark
Museum of Westward Expansion Tour
Pioneers on the Trail

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