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September 29, 2010 Posted by: Jennifer Clark

Since this is my first post, I thought I might introduce myself. My name is Jennifer Clark and I am the archivist here at Jefferson National Expansion Memorial (JNEM). I am often asked just what it is that an archivist does-my responsibility is the archival collection of the park, which includes all of the unpublished papers, drawings, maps, and photographs created in the course of park business that have been selected for the archives. The archives also contains items that have been donated to the National Park Service by private citizens.

The library reading room is open to the public on the second floor of the Old Courthouse-anyone is welcome to come in and do research in our library or archives collections, but you must use the materials in the library reading room. The collections focus on the areas that are interpreted here at JNEM -westward expansion, the history of St. Louis, Dred Scott, freedom suits, the Lewis and Clark expedition, Eero Saarinen, and the history of the park.

In my blog posts I intend to discuss interesting items in our library, archives, and curatorial collections, and what it is like to work as an archivist in the National Park Service system. I handle many photo research requests for the park, so I am always trying to find new and interesting views of the Gateway Arch and Old Courthouse-there will be photos! (We are still working out some technical difficulties with posting photos on the blog right now. If you'd like to see some photos of the park right now please check out the galleries…) 

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