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Freedom is Coming CD

Freedom is Coming: Songs of Freedom, Resistance, & The Underground Railroad

As we celebrate the uniquely American form of music we call jazz, there is, at its root, the painful history of enslavement, which brought together many of the cultures of which jazz was born. Freedom is Coming is a 2-disc set which features the Underground Railroad Freedom Singers and is produced by New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park.

Disc One:
  1. Freedom is Coming
  2. I Want Jesus to Walk with Me
  3. Steal Away to Jesus (in the Midnight Hour)
  4. Wade in Water (Click to listen)
  5. Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen
  6. Go Down, Moses
  7. Swing Low Sweet Chariot
  8. Back, Back Train
  9. It's Me (Standing in the Need of Prayer) (Click to listen)
  10. Steal Away to Jesus
  11. Every Time I Feel the Spirit
  12. In the Water
  13. Daniel
  14. We Shall Overcome (Click to listen)
  15. Thank You Lord
Disc Two:
  1. Deep River
  2. I Thank God I'm Free at Last
  3. Many Thousan' Gone
  4. Oh, Freedom (Click to listen)
  5. My Mind Stayed on Freedom
  6. Run, Mary Run
  7. Same Train
  8. Stories From Da Dirt III
  9. All God's Children Got Shoes (Click to listen)
  10. Great Day
  11. Walk Together Children
  12. Git on Board, Little Chillen
  13. Slavery Chain Done Broke at Last
  14. I Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray
  15. Battle Cry of Freedom
  16. It's Cool Down Here at the River Jordan (Click to listen)
  17. If You don't Go, don't Hinder Me
  18. Roll, Jordan, Roll
  19. There's a Meeting Here Tonite

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