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Historic Jamestowne is jointly administered by the National Park Service, which owns the majority of the 1500 acre Island, and Preservation Virginia which owns 22 1/2 acres.

Preservation Virginia's acreage includes

  • the Memorial Church,
  • the 17th century church tower,
  • the site of the original triangular fort of 1607, where the current archaeological dig is taking place,
  • the Dale House Cafe and
  • the Archaearium, a museum dedicated to the artifacts found within the fort.

National Park focus of the program takes place near the Tercentennial Monument, waterfront, and the New Towne area.

Although school groups taking one of the National Park Services guided tours or educational programs can walk Preservation Virginia's site they are not permitted into the Archaearium without first booking a Preservation Virginia reserved-time for the Archaearium. There is a $30 reserved-time program fee per group of 30 students for the Archaearium. School groups wishing to visit the Archaearium must contact Mark Summers at 757 229-4997 ext 111 or by e-mail to

For school groups wishing a National Park Service educational program or tour there are four steps in planning your class trip to the National Park site of Historic Jamestowne:


1. REVIEW/SELECT: Review the educational programs available and choose one that best meets the needs of your class with relation to any constraints you may have, i.e. class size, time available or date of your visit. Please note that each Ranger-led program has a $30 reserved program fee. If you decide you want your class of 30 students to do one of the indoor classroom programs and to have a ranger-led walking tour also that would be $60. Two classroom programs or two walking tours would be $60.


2. RESERVATIONS/ENTRANCE FEE WAIVERS: If you decide on a Ranger-led program make your reservations with the park at least two months and no more than five months in advance. No reservation is required for a self-guided program. Colonial NHP is a federal fee area, but educational institutions are usually entitled to a waiver of these entrance fees. Entrance fee waivers can be applied for by following the instructions on the Academic Fee Waiver web page.Please sign this Etiquette Form and bring it with you to the park.You will present this form and your fee waiver documentation to a staff member at the fee desk when you first check-in at the visitor center.


3. PRE-VISIT/FIELD TRIP: Teachers who become familiar with the park layout, park rules for visitor behavior (visitor etiquette), provide pre-visit orientation and history lessons to their students and chaperones prior to their class trip, have a much more rewarding experience. Jamestown's visitor etiquette provides simple Do's and Don'ts for your field trip and helps make your visit safer and more enjoyable.

If possible, it is recommended teachers visit the park before their class field trip. This will allow teachers to locate the bathrooms, the Glasshouse, gift shops, the museum and historic structures to help determine the logistics of a class visit to Jamestown. If you are unable to make a pre-visit trip please review the self-guided material to orientate yourself to the site. You should also have your chaperones become familiar with this information. The day of your class field trip make sure you get an orientation map for each of your chaperones from the Visitor Center information desk. Your students' experience at Historic Jamestowne will be enhanced if they are given an assignment or task to complete while on the site.

IMPORTANT GROUP LEADER: When you arrive, please have your group remain outside the visitor center while YOU check in at the fee desk. If students need to use the restrooms, only 15 students may enter the building at a time accompanied by an adult. If more than 15 students need to use the restrooms, cycle groups of 15 in and out of the building until everyone is finished.

Site map showing Historic Jamestowne
Site map of Historic Jamestowne

1: Governor Yeardley Property 2: Tercentennial Monument 3: Pocahontas Statue 4: Memorial church 5: 1607 James Fort 6: John Smith Statue 7: Dale House Café 8: Statehouse 9: Archaearium Museum 10: Bland Warehouse 11: Marable House /Workhouse 12: Merchant Rowhouse 13: Jackson House 14: May-Hartwell House 15: Anglela Site, Kemp, Sherwood and Peirce Properties 16: Rowhosue 17: Governor Harvey Property (Industrial Area) 18: Governor Harvey House (Later, Governor Berkeley's) 19: Colonel Swann Tavern

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4. Post Visit: After you return to your classroom a post-visit activity can enhance the site visit and review what was learned.

It might also be helpful, for future field trips, to discuss the good and bad points of the trip, in other words what went right and what went wrong, sort of an after-action review. At a minimum your teachers and chaperones should be involved in this discussion, but your students may have some relevant points. Make sure you pass this information onto the next person planning a trip to Historic Jamestowne. Any suggestions or recommendations you might wish to pass onto the park would be gratefully appreciated. Our goal is to make your field trip the most exciting, relevant and memorable of any that you have taken.

Last updated: March 9, 2019

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