Time Traveler Detectives

Grade: 3-5

* Virginia Studies 4.2d; 4.3a,c,d,e,f,g
* Reading 4.5d,e,g,i; 4.6b,c
* Writing 4.7g

1. The student will explore and use a Timeline to identify significant events between 1606-1699.
2. The student will identify and explain the impact specific events in Jamestown would have on an individual living in Jamestown during a set time (character would be selected from Voices of Jamestown section).
3. The student will draw conclusions using information from a Timeline, the Voices of Jamestown character and record their findings on the Detective Notebook worksheet.

Teacher Instructions:
1. Student can select character from Voices of Jamestown section, or you can assign different characters.
2. After selecting a character, student then refers to a Timeline and the Time Traveler Detective worksheet.
3. All directions are on the student worksheets entitled Time Traveler Detective and Detective Notebook. If you would like to view the Time Traveler Detective Activity and Detective Notebook use one of the links below. To return to this page just hit your back button.

4. If you would like to view a Timeline, use one of the links below. NOTE: These documents are in Acrobat PDF format. If you do not have the Acrobat reader you can download it free at http://www.acrobat.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html. It is recommended that you print the Timelines for the students. After you have printed these timelines to return to this page just hit your back button.

Suggestions for Assessment:
Participation in activity, successful completion of Detective Notebook.

Suggestions for Extensions:
1. Student could complete detective notebook activity and then compare/contrast the impact of 1 historical event on two different historical characters. For example, the impact of slaves being brought to the colonies would be very different for a slave verses an English gentleman.
2. Essay prompt, "Explore the Jamestown Timeline 1606-1699. Based on your knowledge, the recordings of historical characters, and the Timeline, which event would you say is the single most significant event on the Timeline. There is no one answer, however, be sure to back yourself up with details and examples!"

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