How To Use This Activity

Voices of Jamestown Activity

Grade: 3-5 (Can be adapted for other grades)

Objective: Students will use "Voices of Jamestown" to discover and expericence life from all three cultures represented at Jamestown using point of view.

SOL Objectives covered:
* V.1a, b, c, d, g, h
* VS.3 a-f
* Science 4.8 a-d
* Reading 4.5 b,d,e,f,i

This assignment can be done individually or in pairs of two or three.

1. Have students view the "Voices of Jamestown" list of names and choose one of the character narratives to listen to.
2. Once they choose a character give each student a copy of either the Getting to Know You….An Interview with A Jamestown Colonist worksheet or Getting to Know You….An Interview with A Virginia Indian worksheet.
3. Have students complete the questions on the worksheet, as if they were a reporter for a news channel, by listening to the narrative and viewing the graphics associated with that character.
4. Have students get into groups based on their characters. Have the students, as a group, present their character to the class and share what life would have been like from their character's perspective.

Suggestions for Assessment:
1. The teacher could collect this assignment and grade for completion.
2. The teacher could assess the student's presentation skills.
3. The teacher could also use this assignment in adjunct with one of the activities listed below.

Suggestions for Extensions:
1. The student could take their character and further research their occupation or culture.
2. Students could pair up and create formal answers for the questionnaire and then work with a teacher to create a Reader's Theater script.
3. The students could pair up and using a Venn Diagram compare and contrast two different characters' perspectives of Jamestown.

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