Agent Role Card for the West Indies Cane Fields

Your job is to recruit people for a living nightmare. You know it and they know it. Life in the West Indies sugar cane fields is brutal; if the work doesn't kill people, the heat, the bugs and the diseases will. Because of this, your only real hope of getting an emigrant to sign an indenture with you and not with another agent is to undersell them-offer a shorter indenture. But remember, you still have to pay the ship captain £10 a person to get them to the West Indies healthy enough to sell. Once you make a deal (indenture contract) figure the sale price of the indenture, subtract £10 for the passage, record any profit on your Agent Score Sheet, and report it to the teacher. In order to get the best indenture contract, use the information below.

Worker Classification

Sale Price Per Year of Indenture


£4 per year
2-skilled workers

£6 per year
3-craftsmen-blacksmiths, carpenters, cooper,
and have some education

So few wanted it, it's not worth it
4-people with a specialty skill such as
accountant or music teacher

Would not survive the voyage, why bother


Last updated: May 17, 2015

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