Agent Role Card for a Ship Captain(2)

As a ship captain, you are taking a risk. You have to bear the cost (£10) of the emigrant's passage and won't make your money back until you get to Virginia to sell the indenture. If the emigrant dies on the voyage, you're out of luck. Last time you were in port at Jamestown, however, the market was good, and you were able to sell every indenture you bought. On your last voyage, you noticed women's indentures sold very quickly-probably because many of the men in Virginia were looking for wives as there are not many women in the colony yet. Once you make a deal, figure the sale price of the indenture, subtract £10 for the passage, record any profit on your Agent Score Sheet, and report it to the teacher. In order to get the best indenture contract you can, use the information below..

Worker Classification

Sale Price Per Year of Indenture

1-convicts, elderly, sick, illiterate

£3 per year (£2 per year for a convict)
2-unskilled workers

£4 per year ((£5 per year for a female))
3-craftsmen-blacksmiths, carpenters, cooper,
and have some education

£6 per year
4-people with a specialty skill such as
accountant or music teacher

£9 per year


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