Agent Role Card for a Factor for Wealthy Planters

You are a factor (merchant/business agent) for a small group of wealthy Virginia planters. You live in England. The Virginia planters ship their crops, usually tobacco, to you to sell for them in England. The money earned from the tobacco sales is used to buy supplies and merchandise for the planters, which you then ship to them in Virginia. Sometimes, you even hire teachers for their children or even arrange marriages for them. You are always looking for educated young men and women who are willing to indenture themselves as nannies, teachers, musicians or artisans in return for a chance to start their lives over again in Virginia. You are looking out for the interests of the wealthy planters. Once you make a deal (indenture contract), figure the sale price of the indenture, subtract £10 for the passage, record any profit on your Agent Score Sheet, and report it to the teacher. To get the best indenture contract possible use the information below.

Worker Classification

Sale Price Per Year of Indenture


You're not interested
2-skilled workers

Leave them to the ship captain
3-craftsmen-blacksmiths, carpenters, cooper,
and have some education

£6 per year
4-people with a specialty skill such as
accountant or music teacher

£9 per year


Last updated: May 17, 2015

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