Major Battles of the Civil War Series at Mentor Public Library

Please call 440-255-8811 for reservations. Mentor Public Library is located at 8215 Mentor Avenue. Each program is free; attendees are welcome to bring lunch and eat during the talk. Located in the James R. Garfield room, lower level.

Wednesday, January 14—12 p.m.
Famous Ohio Regiments, Part I

Ohio was one of the most important Union states during the Civil War and supplied over 300,000 soldiers!Learn about some of the state's most famous regiments, including those in which future Presidents of the United States fought!

Wednesday, February 11—12 p.m.
Famous Ohio Regiments, Part II

We continue last month's program and look at more important units that fought for the Union and Ohio, including infantry and artillery units.Learn more about our state's important role in the Civil War!

Wednesday, March 11—12 p.m.
Lee Breaks Out: The End of the Petersburg Siege and the Road to Appomattox

The beginning of the end for the Confederacy came in March 1865, as Gen. Robert E. Lee withdrew from Petersburg and tried to link up with other Confederate troops.Learn about the movements that led Lee and Grant to Appomattox and the war's end!

Wednesday, April 8—12 p.m.
Surrender at Appomattox

Most people consider Lee's surrender at Appomattox the end of the Civil War.Following up on last month's program, hear about the final fighting between North and South and the factors that led Lee to surrender to Grant.

Wednesday, May 13—12 p.m.
The Laws of War and the Special Challenges of Civil War

Theoretically, even war is subject to the rule of law. This program will examine those laws and see how they apply and how they are enforced (or ignored) in the case of a nation going to war with itself as the United States did in 1861-65.

Wednesday, June 10—12 p.m.
The Lincoln Assassination

President Abraham Lincoln attended the theater on April 14, 1865, expecting to enjoy a relaxing evening now that the war was all but over. Learn what happened that night and how Lincoln's murder shaped American history for decades to come.

Wednesday, July 8—12 p.m.
The Civil War Service and Writings of Ambrose Bierce

Ambrose Bierce is still one of the most original writers the United States has ever produced.Learn about his years of military service to the Union during the Civil War and how that experience shaped his literature.

Wednesday, August 12—12 p.m.
Civil War Photography

Photography was still in its early stages during the Civil War, but the images the war produced have shaped and haunted us since. Learn more about the history of photography and the men who brought us some of the most famous photos in our history.

Wednesday, September 9—12 p.m.
Lake County in the Civil War

How many of our local boys served in the Civil War? How many died? What were there stories?What news did they receive from home? Learn the answers to these questions and more as we explore the role our own Lake County, Ohio played in the Civil War.

Wednesday, October 14—12 p.m.
Maj. Gen. George B. McClellan: The Civil War's Most Controversial General

Many historians rank McClellan among the worst Union generals, but his men loved him. How do we account for this paradox? Learn more about the "Young Napoleon" and some of half-truths and poor research that have become the basis for his low standing among historians.

Wednesday, November 18—12 p.m.
The "Lost Cause" and Civil War Memory

Northerners and southerners remembered the Civil War very differently, and those differences shaped how the war was interpreted in history books, laws, and later even in movies! Learn how the "Lost Cause" idea influenced (and still influences) Civil War history and memory.

Wednesday, December 9—12 p.m.
Notorious Prisons of the Civil War

Andersonville. Johnson's Island. Libby Prison. These are just a few of the most notorious Union and Confederate camps in which prisoners of war were held during the Civil War. Learn more about the living conditions and treatment of prisoners in Civil War POW camps!

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