Leaders and Legacies of the Civil War Era

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2018 “Leaders & Legacies of the Civil War Era” Programs

**All programs are held at Mentor Public Library 8215 Mentor Ave
All programs start at 12 p.m.
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Attendees are invited to bring a lunch to enjoy during the program

Wednesday, June 13
Burying the Dead: The Aftermath of a Civil War Battle
The aftermath of a Civil War battle was often both depressing and dangerous. Dead bodies, wounded soldiers, and even dead horses and other animals often littered the fields. Learn more about treatment of wounded men, burying of the dead, and other details! Speaker: Jessica Beam, James A. Garfield NHS.

Wednesday, July 11
History of the Medal of Honor
The United States had few awards for bravery when the Civil War began, but that changed in 1862 when President Lincoln approved creation of the Medal of Honor—now the nation’s highest award for military valor. Learn about the history of the Medal and some of the most notable Civil War recipients. Speaker: Todd Arrington, James A. Garfield NHS.

Wednesday, August 8
Ulysses S. Grant and the Election of 1868
Ulysses S. Grant was the most revered hero of the Union after the Civil War and agreed to run for President as a Republican in 1868. This presentation will examine Grant’s stance on many issues and look at the Republican and Democratic campaigns of 1868. Speaker: Alan Gephardt, James A. Garfield NHS.

Wednesday, September 12
The Last Surrender: The Confederate Surrender at Bennett Place, North Carolina
Most people think of Robert E. Lee’s April 9, 1865 surrender at Appomattox Court House as the end of the Civil War. But did you know that the war actually lasted another two weeks? The final large scale Confederate surrender took place on April 26 at Bennett Place, North Carolina. Come to this program to learn more about the real end of the Civil War!

Speaker: Rebecca Hayward, James A. Garfield NHS.

Wednesday, October 10
Six Decades of Active Duty: The Life of Admiral David G. Farragut
This month, in honor of the Navy’s October 13 birthday, learn more about the life and career of U.S. Navy Admiral David Glasgow Farragut, who served an incredible 60 YEARS on active duty, including during the Civil War! Speaker: Todd Arrington, James A. Garfield NHS.

Wednesday, November 14
“We Can Now Look Back Upon the Scene”: Cycloramas as Art, Entertainment, & Memorial
Healing takes time. By the last decades of the 19th century, Americans were ready to look back at their shared experience of Civil War. A new theatrical field—the cyclorama—allowed people to witness the war in a way no parade or monument could. This presentation will look at battlefield cycloramas and the amazing ability they had to put veterans and their families in the center of the defining experience of their lives. Speaker: Joan Kapsch, James A. Garfield NHS.

Wednesday, December 12
Digging Up Your Roots: Civil War Genealogy 101

There are a million ways to do research on your Civil War ancestors, including a myriad of online databases. But where do you start? This program will explore some of the major online resources for locating soldiers & sailors of the Civil War and provide a take-home guide to begin your own journey into Civil War genealogy! Speaker: Allison Powell, James A. Garfield NHS.


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