2019-20 Lawnfield Inn & Suites/Skye “Lunch and Lecture” Programs

~All programs held at 12 p.m. at Skye Bistro, located inside
Lawnfield Inn & Suites at 8434 Mentor Avenue, Mentor, Ohio.
Reservation required; call Skye at 440-974-3572.~

Tuesday, October 1:
A Ghoulish Affair: Victorian Halloween Traditions

From All Saints Day to All Hallows’ Eve, the holiday of Halloween has seen many changes over the years. Seances, interest in the supernatural, and game-filled parties are just a few of the ways Victorian era Americans celebrated what we now call Halloween. Learn more about how they helped shape the spooky holiday we celebrate today! SPEAKER: Rebekah Knaggs, Park Ranger, James A. Garfield NHS.

Tuesday, November 5:_
The Lives of Domestic Servants in the 1800s

The Garfields were a middle class family before President Garfield’s death, but they often had a domestic servant or two working for them here in Mentor. Learn more about the jobs, living conditions, wages, and societal vies of domestic servants during the Victorian Era. Also hear about Mary Jane Gallagher, Mrs. Lucretia Garfield’s longest-tenured house keeper! SPEAKER: Diane Emanuele, Volunteer, James A. Garfield NHS.

Tuesday, December 3:
Christmas in Camp During the Civil War

The holiday season is upon us again! This month, learn more about how Civil War soldiers North and South alike marked and celebrated the winter holidays, whether in camp, on the battlefield, or on the march. SPEAKER: Allison Powell, Park Ranger, James A. Garfield NHS.

Tuesday, January 7:
The “Tough Stuff” of American History:
Interpreting Controversial History in America's National Parks

When they hear the term “national park,” most people think of beautiful views, wildlife, hiking, and camping. But national parks also interpret American history—both the triumphant and the controversial. Learn more about some of the difficult American history being studied and interpreted in your national parks. SPEAKER: Todd Arrington, Site Manager, James A. Garfield NHS.

Tuesday, February 4:
White House Weddings

The White House has played host to an incredible eighteen weddings since 1812! While only one was for a sitting president, nine were for presidential children. Others have been for presidential siblings, relatives, and friends. Hear stories about some of the biggest and most glamorous weddings ever in the United States! SPEAKER: Mary Lintern, Park Ranger, James A. Garfield NHS.

Tuesday, March 3:
Saving Letters: Creating a Library and a Legacy

Presidential widow Lucretia Garfield (portrayed by Debbie Weinkamer) shares how she created the nation’s first Presidential Memorial Library at her Mentor home, “Lawnfield.” Learn more about the collection and preservation of James Garfield’s papers after his death, the building of the home’s library addition, and where they reside today. You’ll also hear about the “Memory Room” and what is stored there. SPEAKER: Debbie Weinkamer, Lead Volunteer, James A. Garfield NHS.

Tuesday, April 7:
Ohio’s “Hiking Grandma”

Ohio’s Emma “Grandma” Gatewood became the first American hiking celebrity in 1955 when, at age 67, she told her children she was “going for a walk.” That “walk” ended up being the entire 2,168 miles of the Appalachian Trail. She was the first woman to hike the entire trail solo and in a single season—and she then did it two more times! “Grandma” Gatewood was a founding member of Ohio’s Buckeye Trail Association; the Buckeye Trail passes through Mentor! Join us as we discuss and appreciate the accomplishments of Ohio’s “Hiking Grandma”! SPEAKERS: Allison Powell and Ryan Krapf, James A. Garfield NHS.

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