2017 Lunch and Lecture Programs at Skye

*All programs held at 12 p.m. at Skye Restaurant, located inside

Lawnfield Inn & Suites at 8434 Mentor Avenue, Mentor, Ohio.

Reservation required; call Skye at 440-974-3572.*

Tuesday, October 11:The Picturesque Rural Victorian Home

Following the picturesque movement and the Gothic revival in Europe, American architects shunned the simplicity of prior architectural styles, leading to the variety seen in the Carpenter Gothic style up to the "gingerbread" Victorian homes across the United States. Advances in woodworking technology and accessibility of these plans meant that even county builders and carpenters could build ornate homes. We can still see the remnants of this time in ornamental front porches and detailed woodwork in the gables of homes dating to the 1860s-1900s. Learn about the origins of Victorian architecture in the U.S. and growth in areas like Mentor, Ohio!

Tuesday, November 1:Garfield Rocks!

Berea Sandstone is a common rock seen in the architecture of many 19th and 20th century structures in Lake and Cuyahoga Counties here in northeast Ohio. These rocks were obtained from the various local quarries that existed around the area. Learn more about how the Berea Sandstone was quarried and its use in many of the structures you may recognize at James A. Garfield National Historic Site, the Garfield Memorial Monument at Lake View Cemetery, as well as other structures within in Cleveland and the surrounding areas.

Tuesday, December 6:Victorian Christmas Music

It's hard to believe, but the holidays are back again!Christmas songs and carols are one of everyone's favorite holiday traditions, and that was the case in Victorian America as well.Come join two of our staff's most musically-inclined staff members—Rangers Mary and Alan—for a fun and educational sing-a-long!You'll learn not only the songs themselves, but also the origins of some of the most famous and beloved Christmas and holiday tunes.

Tuesday, January 10:A Proper Washington Welcome

As we usher in a new presidential couple later this month, it's time to think about how Washington, D.C. welcomes new residents to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The answer is: with a ball, of course! Trace inaugural balls throughout American history, highlighting the fashions worn across the centuries. The year 2017 also marks the 135th anniversary of President' Garfield's inauguration in March, 1881, and we'll take a look at his celebration, held in the "new" Arts and Industries Building at the Smithsonian Institution!

Tuesday, February 7:The Art of Lawnfield

President James A. Garfield once described his wife, Lucretia, as having "faultless taste."The home she lovingly made for her family over a century ago today stands fully furnished and restored as Mentor's own James A. Garfield National Historic Site.Learn more about Mrs. Garfield's taste and style as well as the decorative trends of the Victorian era as we explore the beautiful and impressive art of the Garfields' beloved "Lawnfield."

Tuesday, March 7:'Life in Washington' with Lucretia Garfield

Join First Lady Lucretia Rudolph Garfield (as portrayed by Mrs. Debbie Weinkamer) as she recalls her years in the nation's capital as the wife of a prominent Congressman, a mother, and as First Lady of the United States.Learn more about the Garfields' I Street home in Washington and their daily routine when living there.You'll enjoy the family anecdotes and engaging stories about the five Garfield children and their antics and discover Mrs. Garfield's plans to redecorate the White House!

Tuesday, April 4:2017: The John F. Kennedy Centennial

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th President of the United States, was born a century ago on May 29, 1917.Like James A. Garfield, Kennedy won the presidency as a young man.Also like Garfield, Kennedy was tragically assassinated in his prime.This presentation will take a look back at Kennedy's life, his career and presidency, and the potential his administration held for future accomplishments before his untimely and violent death.Comparisons will be made between James A. Garfield and John F. Kennedy.


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