Japanese American Confinement Sites Program
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    Japanese American Confinement Sites Grant Program

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Manual and Reporting Forms

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Japanese American Confinement Sites Grant Manual

General Information
National Park Service (NPS) contact information
A list of where to find information on the internet including:
Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties
Section 106 Process
Citizen's Guide to Section 106 Compliance

OMB Circulars (Federal Grant Administrative Requirements and Cost Principles)
Contracting and Procurement

Matching Share
Including requirements, types of match, placing a value on in-kind contributions, types of costs that can be covered by the grant award.

Contracting and Procurement
Procurement standards
See also “Reporting Forms” section below

Audit Requirements 

Reporting Forms
Federal Financial Report (FFR, or SF-425)
Federal Financial Report Instructions
Interim Progress Report cover sheet
Final Project Report cover sheet
Competitive Negotiation and Small Purchases Contracting Documentation Form
Subgrant/Contract Payment Approval Checklist

Payment Information
The National Park Service (NPS) has moved to a new business and accounting system called the Financial and Business Management System (FBMS). FBMS uses an electronic payment system called the Automated Standard Application for Payments (ASAP), which you will now use to draw down your grant funds after the NPS Grant Program Manager has approved your request for reimbursement.

All current NPS grantees should have received an email from the Department of the Interior containing forms to register with ASAP. If you are an existing NPS grantee and did not receive prior ASAP registration instructions, please complete and send the registration form to ASAP_Enrollment@nps.gov.

If you are already registered in ASAP for other federal grants, you must make sure your ASAP account includes the National Park Service. Do this by completing the ASAP enrollment form and returning it to ASAP_Enrollment@nps.gov.

All grant recipients MUST register in the System for Award Management (SAM) in order to receive payment through ASAP. Register now at https://www.sam.gov/ (SAM replaces the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) system).

*IMPORTANT: The new financial systems do not affect the terms and conditions of your Japanese American Confinement Sites Program grant agreement. The grant agreement, which is signed by the NPS and the grantee, is a binding legal document, and grantees must continue to comply with all grant terms and conditions.

Reimbursement Requests
To request reimbursement, all grantees are required to submit documentation listed in the newly revised “Request for Reimbursement Checklist” to the NPS Japanese American Confinement Sites Grant Program Manager for review and approval PRIOR to drawing down funds via ASAP.

*Please note, the SF-270 Request for Reimbursement Form is no longer required with the request for reimbursement submittal. However, if the form assists you in maintaining accurate financial records, you may include it with your request for reimbursement package.

After receiving approval for a reimbursement request by the NPS Grant Program Manager, the grantee will be able to submit a payment request via ASAP. Payments will be made by electronic funds transfer directly into the grantee’s banking account as registered in SAM.

Please make sure that your ASAP payment request is ONLY for the reimbursement request amount that has been approved by the NPS Grant Program Manager. Any unauthorized drawdown of grant funds will require a return of funds to the NPS.

Reimbursement Request Forms:
NEW! Request for Reimbursement Checklist
NEW! Expense Table Examples

In-kind Match Valuation Forms:
Value of Donated Construction Labor/Materials Form
Value of Donated Contractual Work Form
Value of Donated Equipment Form
Value of Donated Personnel & Fringe Benefits Form
Value of Donated Supplies Form
Value of Donated Travel and Per Diem Form

Grant Project Publicity & Program Acknowledgement Requirements
Publicity and Press Release Requirements
Sample Press Release
Required Acknowledgement and Nondiscrimination Statements