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2022 Ranger III Passenger Service Questions

Will Ranger III provide passenger service in 2022?

Yes. There may be passenger capacity due to social distancing guidelines for COVID-19. 

For everyone's safety, should Lake Superior weather and wave conditions forecast a rough voyage, the Captain may delay or cancel a voyage. Please be understanding. Rangers will work through any delay or voyage complications with every party. 

How can passengers be assured of a safe and comfortable experience?

We ask that passengers respect their own personal space and the space of those around them by maintaining adequate social distancing whenever possible.


Reservation Questions

When will reservations be taken for the 2022 season?
January 3, 2022

How do I make reservations?

Check out the Ranger III Reservations page.

Can I make reservations for canoes, kayaks, and boats?

Yes, there are only 4 boat spaces available each voyage.

Will I receive a reservation confirmation email?

Yes, you will receive two emails confirmations:

  • A pay.gov payment receipt (received same day as reservation).
  • A Ranger III confirmation email with Reservation Number and voyage details. (winter processing can take 1-2 months)

If I need to cancel a confirmed trip, will I receive a full refund?

No. Ranger III has returned to its long-established refund policy.
However, if the park must cancel a voyage, a full refund will occur.

If availabilty is full, will there be a waiting list?

No. You are welcome to call back in the future to check availability again.


Arriving for Ferry Depature

Will masks be required in the ferry terminal?

If you are not fully vaccinated, wearing a mask is required in federal buildings and in crowded outdoor spaces on federal land.

Will there be any self screening requirements?

On the day of your Ranger III travel, if you are exhibiting any of the standard COVID-19 symptoms or are generally feeling unwell, please consider not traveling.

What will be the check-in process?

  1. Recommended Arrival Times:
    • Passengers Transporting a Boat: 7:30 am
    • Passengers Transporting a Canoe or Kayak: 7:45 am
    • All Passengers: 8:00 am
  2. When ready to check-in, proceed to the Ticketing Table. Have all items ready to go (baggage to be stowed and carry-on items).
  3. Photo ID is required to pickup tickets.
  4. Follow directions provided by rangers during the check-in process.
  5. Most baggage will be stowed. Everyone may carry-on necessary items for the onboard voyage.
  6. Park entrance fees will be checked.

When can passengers board?

Boarding begins at 8:15 am for a prompt 9:00 am departure. Tickets for all passengers are required. Boarding ends at 8:50 am. If not aboard at that time, you will not be permitted aboard.

When will passenger boarding end?

Boarding ends at 8:50 am. If not aboard at that time, you will not be permitted aboard.

Will there be assigned passenger seating?

No. You will select your seating area when you Board. It must be socially distanced from other parties. It will be expected that you will remain in your chosen seats for the voyage duration except when using the restroom or when stretching your legs outside on-deck.


Onboard COVID-19 Mitigations

Are masks required?

Yes. Per CDC Guidance, face masks must be worn at all times aboard Ranger III unless specific mask exemptions apply.

Are there mask requirement exceptions?


  • When eating or drinking
  • A child under the age of 2 years
  • A person with a disability who cannot wear a mask, or can not safely wear a mask, for reasons related to the disability.

Will Ranger III be cleaned regularly?

  • After each trip, Ranger III crew clean the entire vessel.
  • During voyages, additional cleaning is performed when the situation requires.

Will I be able to walk around Ranger III?

Passengers will be asked to remain in their seats except to walk outside or to the restrooms. Passengers are required to stay in passenger areas only. Please maintain social distance of 6 feet.

What if I become seasick?

Please alert a Ranger III crew member. They will assist you and provide you with the best advice for the current voyage conditions. You may request a "convience bag."

Will staterooms be available?


Will the Ranger III Grill be available?

No. Passengers must bring their own food and drink.

Will I be able to smoke aboard Ranger III?

Smoking will be limited to 2 people, socially distanced, in the desiginated area (lower after deck while underway).


Disembarking Upon Voyage Completion

What is the disembarking procedure?

  • Parties will disembark one at a time, maintaining social distance from one another. Please be watchful for ferry operations and any directions from park staff.
  • Baggage pick-up will have a defined, socially-distanced waiting line. It will be overseen by park staff.

Last updated: October 29, 2021

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