Using Climate Change Scenarios to Explore Management at Isle Royale National Park

Entry to Middle Island Passage
After going through Middle Island Passage you enter Rock Harbor on Isle Royale's north east end.

Paul Brown

Climate change in conjunction with other stressors is altering ecosystems and biota within National Parks and impacting park management and operations. The National Park is actively developing climate change adaptation tools to support management options for a future characterized by both rapid directional change and great uncertainty. One tool to achieve this goal is participatory scenario planning, a technique that enables stakeholders to examine a range of plausible future conditions, identify key climate and ecosystem drivers, and explore management options that will be appropriate and effective across a range of potential futures. This report summarizes the Isle Royale climate change scenario planning workshop, convened in January 2013 to examine how climate change may affect the park's resources, with an emphasis on the island's forests and wolf and moose populations, click here.


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