• Youth make measurements near the water at Point Reyes as part of a survey of biodiversity in the park

    Interpretation and Education

About Education and Interpretation

We study about it in the classroom; we come here to experience it.

- Elementary School Student

National parks give us places to enjoy and learn. Whether at home, in schools, or on vacation, our national parks provide you America's greatest university and places for civic engagement. The Interpretation and Education staffs at parks, in programs, and national offices work on your behalf to ensure the best opportunities for learning are present to all Americans.

We invite you to take a learning and education quest with us. You may begin your quest at a local unit talking to park rangers, exploring our on-line programs, apps, or you can begin at the National Park Service iTunes University collection or education portal. There is so much the National Park Service offers that we invite you on a learning quest to become familiar with opportunities to learn and teach about our nation's heritage.

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