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logo with the words Junior Ranger on a green ring and ranger hat inside that ring
Stop by the Visitor Center for a printed paper copy of the following guide and booklets:

Junior Ranger Discovery Guides
will open your eyes to the dunes as they have never been before. The guide, which has two activity levels for five to 15 year-old children, can be picked up at the Dorothy Buell Memorial Visitor Center (DBMVC). When you complete the guide, bring it to the DBMVC to receive a Junior Ranger badge.

Visit the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore's Junior Range Activity Guide page to print or view the guide online.
teenager holding a booklet up
Advanced Junior Ranger holding a Junior Ranger Activity Guide.

In addition to the larger Junior Ranger Discovery Guide, Indiana Dunes has smaller Junior Ranger Activity booklets for families enjoying events just for the day. You can pick up one of these smaller booklets at the event or at the Dorothy Buell Memorial Visitor Center (DBMVC). These booklets include:

Beachcombers — for families just spending a day at the beach. Download this booklet by clicking on the above Beachcombers link. Bring this booklet to the DBMVC to receive your junior ranger badge.

Maple Sugar Time — for children learning about the maple sugaring process in March.


Last updated: October 26, 2018

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