Junior Ranger Challenge -- Be a Park Ranger

Every day, park rangers interact with visitors who speak French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Korean, Hindi, and many other languages. Welcoming these visitors is an important part of the job.

Your challenge: Learn how to say "welcome" in five languages



1. Use the phonetic spelling next to each word to help you say the words out loud.
2. Speak the words out loud to someone you know.
3. Optional: If you have a smartphone, record yourself saying the words.

Learn How to Say "Welcome" in...

  • French - bienvenue (bee-ehn-ven-oo)
  • Spanish - bienvenido (bee-ehn-ven-ee-doh)
  • Hindi - स्वागत (sva-gaht)
  • Swahili - karibu (care-ee-boo) - this is for one person
    • for more than one person the word is karibuni (care-ee-boo-nee)
  • Korean - 환영합니다 (hwan-yan ham-ee-doh)

BONUS! Choose a language YOU want to learn

1. Ask a grown up to help you, or use the internet with a grown up's permission.
2. Pick a language, and then search the internet for the word "welcome" in that language.
3. Write down how "welcome" is spelled in that language.

Last updated: February 27, 2018

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