Nine States Now Present

Oliver Ellsworth
Oliver Ellsworth, delegate from Connecticut
James Sharples Senior, 1796-1797

Independence National Historical Park

Nine States Now Present

"Two States more, viz.: Massachusetts and Connecticut being represented, made nine…"

-George Washington's Diary, May 28, 1787

Two more states are now represented - Massachusetts and Connecticut. James McHenry from Maryland appeared and took his seat, and additional delegates from Delaware and Pennsylvania arrived, including Benjamin Franklin. This will be the first session Franklin is attending. Weak and ill, he does not play a very active role, but his presence confers importance to this gathering.

Rufus King
Rufus King, delegate from Massachusetts
Charles Willson Peale, 1818

Independence National Historical Park

The Convention heard the report of the Rules Committee which it adopted as procedure. Three delegates, Rufus King (MA), Pierce Butler (SC) and Richard Dobbs Spaight (NC), made motions aimed at keeping the debates secret until the Convention ended. These motions were referred to the Rules Committee and the convention adjourned for the day.


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