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Daily Life and Diversity in 18th Century Philadelphia, Lesson Five:  Investigate 1790's Philadelphia, Learning through Reporting

Detail, oil painting showing Martha Washington with a white lace cap with silver ribbons atop her white hair, and dark eyes with a long, thin nose.
Report on the President's household - and three others - in this lesson.

Martha Washington by Charles Willson Peale, from life, 1795. NPS image.

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Grade Level:
Fifth Grade-Eighth Grade
African American History and Culture, Community, History, Social Studies, Sociology, Women's History
One to two class sessions
Group Size:
Up to 36
National/State Standards:
Reading Informational Text RI 5.1, RI 5.2, RI 5.7,  Speaking & Listening SL 5.1, SL 5.2, SL 5.4
community, 18th Century, Family, Daily life


Students will act as reporters in this lesson, obtaining information about people, places and events in 1790's Philadelphia.  Through this activity, students will develop an understanding of the daily lives of several 18th century Philadelphians.


Students will obtain information about the people, businesses, institutions, and events of 1790's Philadelphia through a web-based activity. Students will act as reporters and synthesize information learned into an 18th century newspaper article.


This information document is designed to provide the teacher with helpful information in an easy-to-read format. You can quickly read through these descriptions and use them as a guide and resource for the four households, their inhabitants, and the information about each household covered in the website. These teachers resources will provide you with a list of publications containing information pertinent to these lessons.



  • 18th Century Research File
  • Investigation Sheets 8 and 9



Use the PreTest and Rubric to assess learning.

Park Connections

This lesson ties to many places in the park including the President's House Site, Bishop White House and Todd House.


Check out these extension activities.

Additional Resources

This document provides additional resources for students.



Chronology, Residence, Primary Resource, Secondary Resource, Diversity, Material Culture, Epidemic, Historian