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In Your Own Words

We would like to hear your stories...

  • "The biggest change I have noticed is in my ability to recognize 'why' an interpretive presentation was successful (or not). Before, I knew when I had a good presentation or a poor one, but I couldn't necessarily articulate why. After the attending 101 training it was so clear - connecting with meanings. It is so much easier for me to develop a presentation (written or oral) now that I have a better framework (more than just "tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, and then tell them what you told them"). Overall, participation in the Interpretive Development Program for me was like giving me power tools to replace my hand tools."

  • "I am more conscious of the way I interpret. Rather than simply putting a program together (or answering a question informally) intuitively, with something that sounds good, I actively try to apply the skills I've learned. Of course, with time, a lot of those skills begin to become second-nature."

  • "I think the Interpretive Development Program raised my level of consistency in presenting good interpretive products. Prior to the IDP, I felt like so much of interpretation was an 'art form,' and therefore hard to qualify or assess. Although I was good at interpretation, occasionally a program would miss the mark. In those instances it was hard for me to figure out what was missing or what needed to be changed. For me, the Module 101 concepts provided a framework to help articulate and assess that almost intangible quality of a successful interpretive product- its ability to connect the audience to the meanings and significance of the resource."

  • "The Interpretive Process Model worksheet helped put things together for me in a manner that made sense and could be put into words. I had difficulty at first way back in 1997 after I attended my first Module 101 training. I was developing programs that used the principles, but I had trouble understanding and verbalizing the actual process."

  • "I appreciate the level of professionalism that is conferred with these certifications, and I think it's a giant leap in the right direction. We now have the tools to analyze our skills and work to improve them."

  • "The certifier's comments have helped greatly. Because no one in my park (until recently) had any experience with the Interpretive Development Program, I relied heavily on my training, the website, and a friend who is an active certifier and trainer. So what helped me the most? Getting started."

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