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A workbook entitled: "Meaningful Interpretation: How to Connect Hearts and Minds to Places, Objects, and Other Resources", edited by David Larsen, has been published by Eastern National. This workbook, designed for both new and experienced interpreters, coordinates with the video, An Interpretive Dialogue, which is included with the workbook. Each NPS site received a copy for their park library, and additional copies can be purchased from Eastern. See a flyer with more information..

Masters of Science in Resource Interpretation
The NPS has partnered with Stephen F. Austin State University to provide an opportunity for interpreters to earn their masters degree online. Students complete a series of IDP competency-based courses and a thesis research project. The program provides a forum for ongoing professional dialogue and personal skill development. See for more information or to apply.

Interpretive Development Program Benchmark "10" Awards
The Benchmark 10 Award recognizes outstanding achievement in completing the10 benchmark competencies of the Interpretive Development Program. This award is presented each year, during the NPS Agency Meeting at the National Interpreters Workshop, by Corky Mayo, NPS Program Manager for Interpretation. The following master interpreters have accomplished this significant achievement: Gloria Updyke, Amy Glowacki, Kevin Bacher, Tess Shatzer, Carla Beasley, Peggy Scherbaum, Donna Cuttone, Ron Brown, David Andrew Smith, Linda Chandler, Christine Smith, Maureen Picard, Tracy Ammerman, Katie Bliss, and Pam Machuga.

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Analyze This! Analyzing and Measuring Interpretive Effectiveness by Becky Lacome. Proceeding Paper for National Interpreters Workshop, 2003. (PDF, 113KB).

Be Relevant or Become a Relic by David L. Larsen. Journal of Interpretation Research. Volume 7, Number 1, 2003. (PDF, 27KB).

Standards for Interpretation Provide Improved Visitor Experience by Joanne Blacoe and Robert Fudge. Arrowhead. Summer 2003. p. 3.

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Clicking the Icon: Exploring the Meanings Visitors Attached to Three National Capital Memorials by Theresa L. Goldman, W. Jasmine Chen, and David L. Larsen. Journal of Interpretation Research. Volume 6, Number 1, 2001.
Part I
(PDF, 1295KB) Part II (998KB).

The Craft and Concepts of Interpretation: A Look at How National Park Service Interpreters Reveal and Facilitate Opportunities for Connections by W. Jasmine Chen. Doctoral dissertation, 2003. West Virginia University. [On-line]. Available.


*InsideNPS--is an INTRAnet website for NPS employees. If you don't have access to InsideNPS, contact the Training Manager Interpretation for copies of these articles.

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