Waushara County Corridor Plan

Cover of the Final Waushara County Corridor Plan and Environmental Assessment

This 2007 document is available as a series of .PDF files.

Cover, Executive Summary, Acknowledgements, and Table of Contents.pdf

CHAPTER 1 Background on the Ice Age National Scenic Trail.pdf

CHAPTER 2: Purpose and Need for Action.pdf

CHAPTER 3: Issues and Concerns.pdf

CHAPTER 4: Implementation of the Corridor Planning Process in Waushara County.pdf

CHAPTER 5: Description of Alternatives and Preferred Action

CHAPTER 6: Corridor’s Affected Environment.pdf
A. Locational Description of Waushara County
B. Corridor’s Physical Resources
C. Corridor’s Biological Resources
D. Corridor’s Cultural Resources
E. Corridor’s Socio-economic Resources

CHAPTER 7: Corridor Impact Analysis.pdf
Impact Analysis Summary
Detailed Impact Analysis
A. Impacts to Physical Resources
B. Impacts to Biological Resources
C. Impacts to Cultural Resources
D. Impacts to Socio-economic Resources
E. Summary of Cumulative Impacts

CHAPTER 8: Public Involvement, Consultation, Coordination, and Definition of Terms.pdf

Appendices- Table of Contents

A. Identification of Possible Route Options.pdfB. Trail Development and Management Standards.pdfC. NPS Purpose and Significance Statement for the Ice Age NST.pdfD. Memorandum of Understanding (NPS, WDNR, IAPTF) and Ice Age NST Vision and Attributes.pdf
E. Memorandum of Understanding Between NPS and State Historical Society.pdf
F. Correspondence.pdf
G. Legislation and Statutes.pdfH. References Consulted for Cultural Resources.pdf

List of Maps

Map 1-1 State of Wisconsin with Ice Age NST.pdf
Map 2-1 State of Wisconsin with Waushara County.pdf
Map 2-2 Waushara County with 1983 existing Ice Age NST.pdf
Map 5-1 “Preferred” Ice Age NST Corridor Alternative, southern half.pdf
Map 5-2 “Preferred” Ice Age NST Corridor Alternative, northern half.pdf
Map 5-3 Waushara County with “Preferred” Alternative and “Alternatives Considered but Dismissed”.pdfAppendix A, Map 1 Possible Route Options for Ice Age NST.pdf
Appendix A, Map 2 Possible Route Options for Ice Age NST.pdf
Appendix A, Map 3 Possible Route Options for Ice Age NST.pdf
Appendix A, Map 4 Possible Route Options for Ice Age NST.pdf
Appendix F, Proposed Trail Route Bohn Lake.pdf

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