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The National Park Service and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources have completed a General Management Plan for the Ice Age National Scenic Trail (NST) Interpretive Site and the Ice Age National Scientific Reserve Unit in the Town of Cross Plains, Wisconsin. The Record of Decision was signed by NPS on June 5, 2013.

General management planning is the broadest level of decision-making for national park areas. General Management Plans (GMP) provide the park with a “big picture” and long-term goals that guide actions for 15-20 years. The GMP will defines:

· natural and cultural resource conditions to be achieved and maintained over time

· conditions for visitors to understand, enjoy, and appreciate the park’s significant resources

· appropriate levels of management activities, visitor use, and development

· indicators and standards for maintaining the desired conditions

More detailed site specific actions such as site plans or vegetative management plans will be addressed in subsequent planning.

General Management Plan for the Ice Age Comple at Cross Plains

Summary and Table of Contents
Chapter 1-Purpose and Need
Chapter 2-Alternatives
Chapter 3-Environment
Chapter 4-Environmental Consequences
Chapter 5-Consultation

NPS-Record of Decision

Last updated: April 10, 2015

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