2024 Total Solar Eclipse

A family of 7 wearing Eclipse goggles happily look up at the sky.
Viewing the 2017 solar eclipse from Arlington Lawn

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Watch the Solar Eclipse from Hot Springs National Park

Hot Springs National Park is one of two official national parks in the path of totality for the Total Solar Eclipse on Monday, April 8, 2024. A total eclipse occurs when the moon appears to totally obscure the sun. Arkansas has only been in the path of totality for an eclipse two other times in history - in 1834 and in 1918. The next total solar eclipse in the state will be in 2045.

What to Expect in the Park

In the days leading up to and during the eclipse, we expect the park (and the City of Hot Springs) to be extremely busy. If you do decide to view the eclipse from the park, be sure to plan ahead!

  • We expect heavy traffic on roadways. Please check for local roadway closures and be patient and courteous while driving. Plan for local travel to take 2-3x as long as normal. Please check iDriveArkansas for the most up-to-date roadway information.
  • Consider carpooling, and try to have plenty of gas or charge for your vehicle if you plan to drive. Parking in the park and around downtown Hot Springs is limited.
  • Bring plenty of food and water.
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Archeology Booth at Junior Ranger Day in 2021.

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Special Events

Even though totality will last just a few minutes, visitors will have many opportunities to participate in special events in the days leading up to the Eclipse. Park rangers are working with scientists from NASA, NOAA, and Earth to Sky to coordinate fun events, programs, and presentations throughout the community. These programs are all free, family-friendly, and open to the public. Learn more about space weather, ongoing NASA research, the impact of eclipses on Earth, eclipse dynamics, and more. Additionally, the park is hosting a 2-day “Eclipse Fest!” on Arlington Lawn with interactive activities, demonstrations, and presentations from the visiting scientists.


A male ranger leans over a table with 3 students looking into a microscope
Thermophile exploration table!


Eclipse Fest!

April 6 & 7, 10:00am - 3:00pm on Arlington Lawn

Join the NPS, NASA, NOAA, and Earth to Sky for 2-days of total-ity awesome eclipse fun on Arlington Lawn! With presentations, STEM-based activitites, and interactive demonstrations, this will be an event you won't want to miss! Participants will have the opportunity to earn some cool gear by visiting the different booths, be sure to ask a ranger for more information!

This event is FREE and activities are for all ages!
A yellow square sign with a silhouette of a person flashes at a crosswalk
Road crossing on West Mountain

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Park Operations & Closures

Road Closures

Saturday, April 6

Starting on Saturday, April 6 at 10:00pm, West Mountain Drive, West Mountain Summit Road, and Blacksnake Road will all be closed to vehicular traffic until the evening of Monday, April 8. These closures will help provide access for emergency service vehicles.

Sunday, April 7

On Sunday, April 7 at 6:00pm after the Mountain Tower closes, Hot Springs Mountain Drive and North Mountain Loop will be closed to vehicular traffic until the evening of Monday, April 8.

Shuttle Information

Monday, April 8

Free shuttles will start running at 8:00am and will run every 20-30 minutes. Shuttles will take people to designated drop off points until each mountain has reached its capacity. The last shuttle down will be at 4:30pm.

Pick up/Drop Off Information

Pick up for Hot Springs Mountain and North Mountain will be at the Happy Hollow Jug Fountain on Fountain Street. Please note that the city will close Fountain Street to through traffic. Visitors will need to walk up Fountain Street to the shuttle pick up. The drop off points on the mountain will be at the Hot Springs Mountain Picnic Area and the North Mountain Stone Shelter.

Pick up for West Mountain will be at the intersection of Prospect Ave. and West Mountain Dr. and at the intersection of Whittington Ave. and West Mountain Dr. Drop off points on the mountain will be at the West Mountain Stone Shelter and the West Mountain Summit Overlook.

Plan Ahead

Restrooms, water, and viewing space is limited at both Hot Springs Mountain and West Mountain. Please be prepared by bringing camp chairs, water, food, and any other necessary supplies. Note that any items you bring must be able to fit with you on the shuttle bus. Please help keep the park clean and pack out everything that you bring in and dispose of trash in appropriate receptacles.

Fordyce Bathhouse Temporary Closure

The Fordyce Bathhouse will mostly follow a normal operational schedule and will be open every day from 9:00am – 5:00pm. On Monday, April 8th, the Fordyce will close around 1:30pm to ensure that everyone has time to get outside to witness the total eclipse at 1:49pm and will reopen at 2:00pm. Rangers and volunteers will be available with park information, maps, and the bathhouse museum will be available for self-guided tours.

A group of people wearing welding glasses look up
View the eclipse from Arlington Lawn, West Mountain Summit Overlook, or the Mountain Tower Parking Lot.

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Official Eclipse Viewing Locations

Hot Springs National Park has designated three locations within the park boundaries as official viewing locations for the eclipse. These locations are Arlington Lawn, the Mountain Tower Parking Lot, and the West Mountain Summit Overlook.

Starting at 9:00am, rangers and special guests from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and Earth to Sky (ETS) will be stationed at each of these locations with ongoing demonstrations and eclipse information to provide an immersive eclipse viewing experience through sound, touch, feeling, and sight.

There is limited space and facilities at each of these viewing locations. Visitors are encouraged to bring water, snacks, blankets (for Arlington Lawn), and camp chairs (for the mountains).

A woman with long brown hair stands with her back to the camera. She is wearing a straw, flat hat and a gray shirt as she looks at water coming down the hillside in a culvert.

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Plan Like a Park Ranger!


Parking around Hot Springs National Park is very limited. Visitors who wish to enjoy the eclipse from the park are encouraged to arrive early. Parking is not permitted along roadsides, on vegetation, or on other non-designated areas within the park. Carpooling is recommended!


Camping is strictly prohibited anywhere in the national park outside of the designated sites at Gulpha Gorge campground. All campsites must be reserved through Recreation.gov or by calling 1-877-444-6777.

Internet & Cell Service

Internet and cell service may be limited due to heavy usage during the eclipse. Have a secondary plan to communicate with your friends and family. Know where to go in case you get separated and carry a paper map!

Be Prepared! Practice Leave No Trace!

Hot Springs National Park has limited services and restroom facilities. Plan to bring enough water and snacks for your group for the day. Please dispose of trash in designated locations and pack out everything that you bring in. It’s up to all of us to keep our park clean!

Light dances out from behind a darkened sun from the moon's shadow

Eclipse Timeline

12:32pm – Partial Eclipse begins

During this phase, you can only look at the sun with proper solar viewers! Using your naked eye or sunglasses could result in long term eye damage.Placing your solar viewers on your cellphones or cameras for photos is not recommended. Make sure you have the right viewer for photography and magnification.

1:49pm – Totality begins

This is the ONLY TIME it is safe to look directly at the sun without solar viewers!

1:53pm – Totality ends

Time to put your solar viewers back on!

3:10pm – Partial Eclipse ends


Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the top 10 most asked questions about the eclipse at Hot Springs National Park below. For any additional questions, please call the Fordyce Bathhouse at (501) 620-6715 or send us an email!


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