Scenic Mountain Drives

Hot Springs Mountain Drives

Hot Springs Mountain Drive begins at the end of Fountain Street which is off Central Avenue downtown. Built as a carriage road in the 1880s, it has switchbacks that will take you to the top to a picnic area, the Pagoda overlook, and the Hot Springs Mountain Tower. You can continue on to North Mountain Loop and then back down to Fountain Street.


West Mountain Drive

West Mountain Drive has entrances on Prospect Avenue and Whittington Avenue. It is a two way road that leads to the Summit Loop where you will find three overlooks. The first overlook affords a good view of Bathhouse Row and the former Army-Navy Hospital (current Hot Springs Rehabilitation Center.) The second overlook has a historic trail shelter and picnic tables and the summit has a view south to the Trap Mountains and Lake Hamilton. You'll find an outcrop of Arkansas Novaculite at the top as well; this rock was used by the Caddo Indians for making tools and weapons and later by European settlers for whetstones.

Last updated: April 10, 2015

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