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Hale Bathhouse from south end
Hale Bathhouse

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Hello, I'm Ranger Mark Blaeuer at the Hale Bathhouse in Hot Springs National Park. The Hale was named after John C. Hale who was an early bathhouse owner here, however he had died by the time this building opened. This was one of several buildings honoring his memory. This particular building opened in 1892. It's the earliest of the standing bathhouses on the row. It was first designed by George and Fremont Orff from Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota. They were chosen to do the work because one of the owners, George Eastman, was from the twin cities where he had made money in the milling industry. So they designed the first version of this building. However, after a few years, there were renovations done. You had the south wing of the building added in the 19 teens by the local firm Mann and Stern, and in 1939, the Little Rock firm of Sanders, Johnson and Ginnochio ? gave it the Mission Revival look that it has today. That's what it's been restored back to, with the stucco on the outside walls, and the grille work on the windows, and the tile roof. I might mention also the dogwood emblem above the front door. This buiding operated as a bathhouse until 1978. It closed and was briefly a theater years later and closed again and is now for lease as part of the National Park Service historic leasing program.

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Last updated: April 10, 2015

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