Artist-In-Residence Program

grayscale image made with permanent marker, shows historic ranger cabin at Gulpha Gorge Campground front of cabin with tree on the left
"Ranger Cabin in Afternoon Light" by Richard Stephens, Artist-In-Residence July 2004

The park initiated the Artist-In-Residence program in 2004 and it has been quite successful. Here you can see the artwork donated to the park by the participating artists.

2004--Alison Parsons, Richard A. Stephens, Lisa Wilson, D. Arthur Wilson, Marge Katz, Gary Simmons, Meredith Morris, Robin Hazard-Bishop
2005--Linda Palmer, Barbara Larkin, Lou Hoover, Helen Stannard, Beverly Hooks, Robin Young, Helene Fischman, Steve Lawnick
2006--Char Marie Flood, Deborah Warren, Rick Chandler, Robyn Moore, Alice Evans Broughton, Patricia Rottino Cummins
2007--Laura Reilly, Chris McHenry, Jamie Carter, Joseph Lombardo, Rebecca Sittler Schrock, Mary Ann Blosser, Kim Elliott
2008--Millie Steveken, Kerry St. Laurent, Jo Anne Doshier, David Corbell, Elise McWilliams, Jeanne Kosfeld, Diane Rubacha
2009--Deanna Morse, Beverly Buys, Laurence Sherr, Rod Northcutt, Donna Dunnahoe, Hugh Dunnahoe

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