Guidelines for Commercial Use Authorization at Homestead National Historical Park

In order to sell food or merchandise, a Commercial Use Authorization (CUA) must be obtained from Homestead National Historical Park. There is a $45 non-refundable fee for each CUA.

Food Vending Guidelines:

1. All food vendors selling food will need the following required documents to obtain a food vending authorization:

  • a. Minimum of $1,000,000 of General Liability Insurance naming the U.S. Government as additionally insured. This is always required and never waived due to greater risk involving public health. If the vendor does not already have insurance, then they can obtain temporary insurance for a 1 day event which may be much more cost effective.

  • b. Public Health Training documentation i.e.: Serve Safe/copy of County health Dept. Certificate.

2. Homemade food is prohibited. For example: You may have a demonstrator showing how to make apple butter. They may not sell the food nor are they authorized to sell pre-made homemade goods, UNLESS they can produce proof the food was prepared/canned in a certified and public health inspected/authorized facility. Any food would have to be prepared in an approved kitchen inspected by public health.
3. Disposable tableware: i.e. plates and cups should be biodegradable – no plastic or Styrofoam.

Merchandise Sales:

1. Merchandise vendors are not required to have insurance. However, they will need a permit to sell their items.
2. Homestead National Historical Park will need to approve all items sold. Once approved, those items will be detailed in the authorization. The permit will be for the merchant to sell their homemade goods. Items may be pre-made to insure adequate supply. Please note merchants may not purchase items from somewhere else to sell. They may only sell their handmade items.

Process to Issue a CUA to Sell Food or Merchandise:

1. All completed paperwork should be returned to Administrative Officer within 60 days prior to event so it may be processed.
2. Applications will be reviewed and any merchandise approved. CUA will be drafted and mailed to applicant/vendor for review and signature.
3. Applicant/vendor will sign and date the Authorization and return to the Administrative Officer for the Superintendent’s final approval and signature.
4. A fully executed copy of the approved CUA will be mailed to the applicant/vendor.
5. All CUA applicants/vendors will be required to complete a simple gross receipt/visitor’s served report which will be due to the NPS within 30 days following event.

Last updated: September 18, 2021

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