Neve Land Records

A sample of the rich information that can be found in the Case Entry Land Records can found through the links on this page. This case has several unique aspects to it. The claimant was unable to write, so you see his mark in place of a signature. He also died before proving up on the claim and the claim was proved up by his widow.

Neve Affidavit shows the initial paperwork to file application for the land. You can see Mr. Neve's "x" as his signature as well as the signature of the witness.

Neve Final Affidavit shows Mr. Neve's widow receiving the land patent. The patent gave her ownership of the land.

Neve Testimony-1 shows the first step in proving up on your claim. After the five years, you had to prove to the land office that you complied with the law and made improvements as needed.

Neve Testimony-2 is Page 2 of Mrs. Neve's testimony. It gives you a glimpse of the lifestyle. She talks of periodically living with her grandson part of the year. The law required six months per year of occupancy on the land. On this page you see the question about where she votes. Her response is "I have no vote." At that time, women did not have the right to vote. There is also a question about whether the home is habitable all seasons. This gives a hint of the living conditions they survived.

Neve Testimony-3 shows how proud these people were of surviving their first five years. The buildings, farm equipment, livestock and furniture are all listed. Only 45 percent of the people who filed claims survived five years on their claims. The others either went home or moved to the small communities sprouting up around the farms.

Neve Testimony-4 is the final page of this document. On it are questions about improvements and whether taxes were assessed on those improvements.

Neve Witness Testimony shows the first page of the witness document. In order to finalize proving up, a homesteader would have to bring two witnesses to the Land Office to answer questions on their behalf.

Neve Witness Testimony-2 shows the witnesses answering questions about how the land was used, who else was living on the land, and other family related questions.

Neve Witness Testimony-3 shows the witnesses answering questions about crops planted and their success. The witness is also questioned as to whether the claimant left or abandoned his/her property.

Homestead Patent
A Homestead Patent

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