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Homestead National Monument of America maintains their collection through the Scope of Collection Statement. Each unit in the National Park Service is required to update and follow a Scope of Collection statement. This document provides the unit with guidance, rules and regulations, and ensures that the unit is acquiring objects and specimens directly related to the mission of the unit and directly related to the enabling legislation, like at Homestead National Monument of America.

As with other museums in the National Park Service, Homestead National Monument of America acquires objects through donations, field collecting and acquisitions. If you have an object or archival materials that you think would be relevant to the mission of Homestead National Monument of America, please contact the monument at 402-223-3514 or by email.

The Monument is excited about the future of the collection. As part of the Monument's Scope of Collection Statement, the Monument is to collect artifacts related to the Homestead Act. This includes the archival materials and farm implements used in homesteads across the thirty states involved in Homestead Act claims.


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Last updated: July 22, 2018

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