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If you are interested in having a ranger visit your classroom, please see the Guest Speaker page.

A man in a green uniform and tan hat holds a card and speaks to kids in a grassy fieldPlanning your Field Trip

If you are interested in scheduling a field trip, please call the park and ask about our options for your students at 740-774-1126 or email us. Fall field trips begin scheduling in mid-August. Spring field trips begin scheduling in mid-February. May and October dates fill up very fast and we do our best to accommodate as many schools as possible. Please remember that many central Ohio schools are trying to schedule in a narrow window in May. We require at least a 3 week notice to schedule your field trip.

Field Trip Options

Field trips are about 2 hours in length. We understand that some classes may not be able to take in all programs offered. Before your visit, a Ranger will contact you by phone or email about the details of your visit. Please be sure to advise us on the amount of time that your class will be able to spend on site. Once we confirm the visit length of your field trip with you, the Ranger can then go over which programs would be best-suited for your class's scheduled time at the park. Typical field trips include all or some of the following programs which are led by a ranger:

  • Orientation film

    Mysteries of the Ancient Architects: Most students benefit from viewing the park's 19-minute film. The film gives viewers a snapshot of who these people were and explores the monumental earthworks that they constructed during the middle woodland period. Film is suitable for third grade and up.

  • Mound Tour

    A 30 to 60 minute guided tour of the Mound City Group explains how these American Indians lived their lives and discusses the importance of cultural and natural resource stewardship. It also gives students a chance to stand next to multiple earthen, tangible objects which aids tremendously in learning about the culture.

  • Museum Tour

    The museum is temporarily unavailable while we work to renovate and expand our story! In the meantime, rangers have created additional hands-on activities to help students understand the daily lives of these American Indians.

  • Atlatl Demonstration

    Students learn about the hunting and gathering of the people and get an opportunity to learn how to throw spears using the ancient spear thrower, the atlatl. Program is typically 30 minutes.
    Please Note - This activity is only available for grades 3 and above, no exceptions.

  • Gift Shop

    Most classes take a brief period of time (about 15-30 min) on their way out to explore the gift shop and purchase memorbilia to remember their visit. This is an optional element for your class, so please let your Ranger know if your class would like to spend time in the gift shop before you depart. When calling regarding gift shop information, please ask to speak with the Eastern National bookstore manager.

Last updated: February 23, 2024

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