Grass-covered mounds at dawn with a copper bird in foreground and "clues to the past" text

NPS / Tom Engberg

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In order to appreciate Ohio's prehistory one must first be aware of the material culture left behind in the archeological record. Studying the past gives a rare chance to examine our place in time. Archeology is the only way we have to study cultures like the Hopewell, who left no written records. Activities in this section teach the fundamental concepts necessary for understanding the Hopewell culture through archeology: the importance of the past, culture, observation, inference, context, and scientific inquiry. Teaching this section as a unit prior to the other lessons will prepare students to assimilate more easily information from the rest of the guide. This section is designed to be taught prior to visiting the park.


American Indian History and Culture, Anthropology, Archaeology, Geography, Linguistics, Social Studies
National/State Standards:
History, People in Societies, Acquisition of Language, Geography, Social Studies Skills & Methods, Oral & Visual Communication,

Last updated: June 28, 2018